Bad Liar Music Video Review ~ One of the most corrupted story line ever!

Bad Liar Music Video 

As much as the music video visuals are captivating but the story line is definitely something created out of every dilemma someone can think off!

So, Selena is a lesbian who likes her basketball coach. Her basketball coach is having affair with Selena's father. Selena will reveal the truth to her mother but not the fact that she likes the basketball coach and she likes girls. Hence, this entire "Bad Liar" song.

The video was rather confusing as every character I have just mentioned now was played by Selena herself. Yes! The lead, the basketball coach, the father and the mother is all Selena.  

As usual Selena Gomez's songs are very enchanting and this song is on repeat no matter how corrupted it is! 

Watch the music video here:


  1. Ah! So that's the real storyline of Bad Liar. I thought she likes the guy, but it turns out to be her father!

  2. Yes exactly! It was super complicated at first. Then it was making sense after watching for the fifth time. Haha

  3. Cute video! And SG is da'bomb in blonde! Hehe

  4. damn! that's so complicated!

  5. Selena play role as a lesbian in this video. But this song hits the radio right now.

  6. Wow!! you are a fan of Selena Gomez~ I been a long time din update with current English song now..haha XD