Aaruginey Vaa Music Video Review ~ Enchanting!

Aaruginey Vaa music video

Aaruginey Vaa music video will make you get drenched in the rain of love. If you are sick of watching too many clique music videos on breakup songs then Aaruginey Vaa music video is a must to watch!

Aaruginey Vaa music video

Such a refreshing and dazzling music video where those who don't want to fall in love will want to fall in love.

Aaruginey Vaa music video

The soothing and mesmerising voice of Datin Shaila Nair and Saresh D7 from SLY Squad will make you forget the world. The lyrics were written beautifully by Saresh D7.  This captivating song was composed by Boy Radge.

Aaruginey Vaa music video

The breathtaking and magnificent visuals were done by Shanker Indra. Both the talents Kesavan Maniraja and Arie Asoge nailed it big time by bringing the romance and intimacy on screen ravishingly.

I can feel the love in the air after watching this music video and it is rather bewitching.

Watch the video here:

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  1. this is interesting! Thanks for reviewing it hehe