Naraga Nagaram ~ Savagery

Naraga Nagaram is a city with an unstoppable, insane and brutal gangster who has the underground world under his control while competing with his rivalries. Substance abuse, drooling blood and brutal violence defines Naraga Nagaram.

The short film's first look is screaming out loud dark crime thriller and to have it in a comic version definitely must have pulled most people's attention I believe.

As much as it is not my cup of tea but I am excited to watch it hoping that the story will have its own juice to captivate the audience attention.

Dhilip Kumar's personal insights and few words from him:

I grew up watching Hong Kong gangster movies like 'Young and Dangerous". I love raw and dark movies and Pudhupettai is among the movies which have changed my perceptions a lot. 

My vision towards film was just to entertain people but Pudhupettai thought me that  I need to do more than entertaining. Ever since then I always wanted to make a movie like Pudupettai. 

As everyone knows that it is impossible to make ruthless gangster movies in Malaysia. That provoked me to initiate such a role and to release it as a short film.

The storyline would not be as strong as it would seem as it is just a small chapter. I have portrayed the role of Seenu, the insane and brutal gangster.

I am blessed to team up with good cast and crew. My own brother Jeya Kanthan did one of the main lead in this short film and followed by Martin, Loga Varman, David Birla, Naveenthiran Sam and many others.

Shanker Indra handled the camera and cuts. Neroshen is the music director. V.G Ravyn Manogaran is my associate director. As I am a fan of DC comics I have released the first look poster with a comic cover concept.

Well, all the best Naraga Nagaram team! 

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