The Best Way to Apply a Foundation

If you ask me what is a foundation then YES this post is for you! Well, a year back I used to wash my face, wear sunburn cream, do my eyebrow and apply lipstick. I am good to go for the rest of the day.

Being 23 the pressure has increased. To enter early adulthood I can no longer be irresponsible like before. Makeup is very important so you will not look pale like you are going to die tomorrow.

Makeup definitely boosts my confidence level. So I gave make up a shot and now here I am doing a blog post on "The Best Way to Apply a Foundation".

A year ago I myself would have asked, "What is a foundation?". I have never had even a slight interest to get to know the makeup products out there.

For those who are like the "old me", I am going to introduce a number of alienated terms. Foundation, concealer, moisturizer, primer and beauty blender. Any idea what are all of these? LOL!

How do most models have a flawless face when they are in a photo shoot while some actually have a pigmented face and some might have acne scar issues.

Foundation is the key to a flawless face. It covers all the unwanted lines (at least it will decrease the harsh lines to fine lines) and it also covers the pigments and also acne scars.

The Best Way to Apply a Foundation

1. Make up free face

When you want to apply a foundation make sure that your face is free from makeup residues. Cleanse your face well so there won't be any oil or makeup residues and you feel clean and fresh.

2. Moisturizer

Yes, you need to apply moisturizer so your face will not be too dry and will be hydrated. This will also ensure that your make up looks moisture and better.

You have to wait for 5 minutes after you have applied the moisturizer so it sinks in the skin and the foundation will be absorbed better later on.

3. Primer

A lot of people are confused if moisturizers are a primer. Moisturizer moistures the face and primer ensure that your make up will last longer throughout the day.

You can skip this step if you don't need the makeup throughout the day. Primer minimises the pores if you ask Primer is necessary. If you have big pores then you can consider this.

4. Foundation

When it comes to the foundation it is very vital to choose a foundation which suits your skin tone. The ones which blend well on the skin without the need to blend is the best choice.

The best tips given by pro is it is the best to choose a foundation by testing it on your jaw line rather than on your hand.

Another tip is to apply the foundation inside out. Where you apply most foundation at the center of the face and from there you push it outwards to the edge of the face.

5. Beauty Blender

Yes, you can use the other tools that you have like a face brush and some might even have silicone blender. I love using a beauty blender as it ensures that excessive products are completely blended.

6. Concealer

Concealer is very important to hide all the redness and dark acne scars which can't be hidden with a foundation. Concealer also works wonder to hide the eye bags and make your face so much better.

Apply concealer on the spots which you want to cover and blend it using a beauty blender.

7. Translucent Powder

Most of you would have known what this is. When I had no idea on what a makeup is all I wear is a translucent powder for my face base after I apply my sunburn cream.

Translucent powder will help the foundation and concealer to set. It gives a shining finishing and will make sure that the makeup will last longer as well.

To those who had no idea, this is how you ensure that your foundation last longer and it will not end up cakey in the middle of the day.

For now, I am trying out a few foundation to know which foundation suits my face better. I Age 20's Essence Cover Pact White Latte from Pandorabox.com.

I like how it blends well with my skin color and it works as a conceal as well. Right after I have applied it gives a matte finishing which I wanted very badly for a long time.

The best part with Age 20's is it comes with a case 2 refills 2 puffs and 1 tint. So I can use this product for a long time.

The original price is RM290.00 and now it is under offer and being sold for RM182.00. Get yours while the offer is still on going!

For more information do check out Pandorabox.com 

What is your favorite foundation? Feel free to comment below.

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