Vijay Prakash ~ I Will Give Up The Day I Die, Not Till Then

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I tried to dig out the secret of Vijay Prakash's success by questioning on how he embraces failures in life and his answer will surprise you for sure.

In your entire life journey have you ever endured a point where you felt like giving up on music?

I have never heard this question before and my answer will be I will give up the day I die, not till then.

Because music is the reason why I am born in this lifetime so the day I decide music is not going to be a part of me then I see myself as dead. So I don’t think it will ever happen. As long as I am breathing music is in my breath.

Have you ever felt devastated while working?

No, I think it's about how you see life. How you see every day and the moment you realize that it is a predesigned beautiful journey that you're walking then you're just walking.

The ups and downs are just like an experience rather than hurdles. So I don’t think I was ever devastated. Every day is inspiring. Every difficulty is inspiring. Every reward is inspiring. Every moment is inspiring.

When a song didn't reach as well as you expected how do you perceive it?

The rewards are never in your hands. All we can do is every song that comes to me  I will do it with 100% honesty.

I have a great experience when the reward has been huge for example I was doing advertising for 15 years singing a lot of singles and Jai ho happened which got the Oscars and grammy’s  I am part of that song.

 And being on grammy’s stage I felt like God has given me reward for 15 years of hard work. So you know no hard work goes waste. No effort goes waste.

You may not see the results immediately for that particular job but everything is a fixed deposit that keeps growing.

You will suddenly get a matured award for that so I don’t ever get affected actually with the rewards. But I have got enough rewards.

God has been kind. I have won so many awards so all that tells me that the journey has been worth walking.

Jai Ho fame Vijay Prakash is very certain about what he wants in life and he is walking towards that direction. He breaths through music. He has not thought of a second option to what he loves the most.

It's simply amazing to see how these icons are so wise and the way they perceive life is unbelievable.  

It can't be denied that a strong mindset is in need to reach great heights in life.

This story inspired me. Did it inspire you? Share your experience. 

Photo Credits: Mojo Projects 
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