What is Autism? ~ Light Up Someone’s Life

Autism is a  condition where it is rather impossible for someone to have a normal social life due to their impairments in communication, in social interaction, and in language.
This is also combined with them being rigid and having repetitive behaviours.


1.Trouble communicating 

 They have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. This makes it very hard for them to express themselves either with words or through gestures, facial expressions, and touch.

2. Sensitive

Those who are sensitive may be greatly troubled -- sometimes even pained -- by sounds, touches, smells, or sights that seem normal to others.

3. Repetitive movements

May have repetitive, stereotyped body movements such as rocking, pacing, or hand flapping. At times they may seem not to notice people, objects, or activities in their surroundings.

4. Cognitively impaired

Shows uneven skill development but they may have unusually developed skills in other areas, such as drawing, creating music, solving math problems, or memorizing facts.

5. Loner

Avoids eye contact and prefers to be alone

6. Echolalia

Repeats words or phrases over and over

This Deepavali which passed just a week back did not only started off with a blast of firecrackers and lots of food.

It also kicked off with lots of love through a beautiful web film which was shot in order to give the autistic kids hope, dreams and a brighter future!

A better awareness was created by showing the symptoms of autism clearly and in a very detailed manner so the public will further understand about autism.

Let’s ‘Light Up Someone’s Life This Deepavali’

Produced by: Shaibhavision
Production Partner: @Sempoi Productions
Casts: Shaila Nair, Thila Laxshman, Mugen Rao MGR, @Garish
Prod. Mgr: Gopal Chillayah
Dop: Udhayakumaran / Ranjan
Grip & Lights: Magen
Audio: Guna
Editor: Ranjan
BGM: Jey Raggaveindra
Make-up: Kannan Raajamanickam
Stylist: Yogash 
Director: Shashi Tharan

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