Sid Sriram~ Music is All I Know and I Can't do Anything Else

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1. In your entire life journey have you ever endured a point where you felt like giving up on music?

I actually studied music, so I went to college for music. So there was never a point where I felt like I  wanted to give up on music altogether. There have been many points where I was frustrated with the way the industry works.

Both over there in the US and when I am operating in India but you know for the last like 6 years I started my career in Tamil films in 2012 so it has been 5 years now. I have been blessed enough for things to happen. So it has been times where I have been very frustrated or down but I have great mentors.

AR sir has always been giving me really good advice. I have a really good family unit behind me that pushes me always so it gets hard. Sometimes you don’t know what’s going to happen where the money is going to come from but I really have a good support system so it allows me to keep moving.

2. Have you ever felt devastated while working?

See the thing for me is music is all I know I can't-do anything else even if I want to. Since I was about 3 or 4 that’s when I started singing and I knew that I wanted to be a musician when I was about 12 years old and once I made that decision I just put all of my eggs in that one basket.

So even if I wanted to give up I don’t really have any other options. I think one thing is for sure. My love for music is a very deep passion. It’s almost like my religion I think. So that is never fading. Sometimes being a professional musician is also difficult because that’s when you have to mix the art with the business side. For the art part of it the music part of it I have never lost any passion for it.

It has always been very strong within me but what I do at times I will like take a break.

What I will do is listen to music that I love. I listen to old AR Rahman music. I listen to the different artist that I love.  I take a break from performing and I just spend my time like listening to music and I become a fan again.

As much as I am an artist and a performer I am first and foremost is a fan of music so I just keep that intact always.

3. What are your future plans?

My biggest plans in near future are I am going to release a solo album. It's called and it's mostly in English and a little bit in Tamil. So that’s about the release. We have been working on it for 3 years now. I am just excited to finish that and release that.

On a broader level, I just want to keep exploring.  I want to obviously keep singing for films working with AR Sir is always a huge blessing. I hope one day I would work with Illya Raja Sir. So hopefully that happens.

At some point, I want to do a music direction for films myself.  And in Carnatic music which is my foundation and that is something like for lifelong exploration. Very dense. Very complex kind of music so with that. I think all music. I just want to keep exploring and exploring and just try to find out more stuff out. Discover new avenues. New grounds of music and it's just a lifelong process.

Photo Credits: Mojo Projects 

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  1. Nicely written blog, it shows how Sid Sriram's feelings towards music. And the determination towards music. Got to know more about Sid Sriram, keep up the good work.