Hornbill Restaurant, KL Bird Park Review ~ Tranquility!

This time around Foodlifecious planned to make an adventurous trip where we can eat while watching the bird flying very closeby to us. No kidding!

It was one exciting food trip to see all those exotic birds just chilling around us. Of course, we shall not forget about the greenery part.

I can't recall when was the last time I had my meal in a real forest looking place. Definitely, a good place to go to with your date or friends. It was so calming to watch all the greenery and the birds.

It is rather easy to spot this place as it just right next to where you get your tickets to enter the KL Bird Park. So you can actually go around the KL Birdpark and also drop by this place right after.

The interior of this place is rather soothing and calming maybe because of it is made of wood and also the yellow and warm lighting.

Just the right setting you need when you want to take a break from stressful city life.

I will first list out my favourite food from Hornbill Restaurant which will go under YOU GOTTA TRY THIS category. Hehehe. It was that good actually.

Keropok Lekor
(Malaysian fish finger) (RM5.90)

Fried Mee 'Mamak' Style
stir fried yellow mee with beancurds, eggs, chickens, seafoods & potatoes in tomato & dark soya sauce (RM17.90)

Nasi Dagang
Glutinous reddish brown speckled rice served with tuna fish curry & sliced vegetables (RM19.90)

Sarawak Laksa
rice vermicelli served in coconut curry broth together with shredded chicken, prawns, fresh coriander, beansprout, lime and homemade belachan chili on the side (RM19.90)

Chicken Chop
grilled chicken chop served with black pepper sauce, sauteed vegetables & wedges (RM29.90)

There also other dishes that you can try. The presentation of the food was rather decent and it's obvious that the chef gave food presentation an extra attention.

Penang Char Kuey Teow
stir fried kuey teow with chicken, prawns, eggs, bean sprouts & Chives (RM16.90)

Pisang Goreng 
(fried banana) (RM5.90)

the classic spaghetti cooked in aglio-olio style
Choice of: 
seafood (RM25.90)
beef bacon/chicken (RM23.90)
vegetarian (RM20.90)

Malaysian Chicken Curry
(serves with a plate of steamed rice) 
spicy chicken curry served with white rice  & papadam (indian crackers)RM19.10

When it comes to drinks you can choose fruit juice and it comes real fresh like mine is a carrot juice. Worry not! They also have a lot of options.

 The warm looking classy interior won my heart and also the customer service is really good that every need of ours on the table was looked after.

Overall, I will definitely choose this place to chill right after a stressful day. 

For more information:

Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe, KL Bird Park
920, Jalan Cenderawasih,
Perdana Botanical Gardens,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Operating Hours:
Daily: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Contact Number: 
03-2693 8086

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