C Square Paracord Bracelet Review

As much I love accessories I prefer something which I can grab and wear along the way while I am trying to catch the GRAB. (Cause I am always late)

Paracord bracelet is a cool and stylish bracelet which will not take much of your time to wear it. Usually, bracelets come with a complex lock which can't be easily locked using one hand.

Paracord bracelet from C Square is different. They use nylon material and even their gold in colour buckle looks so cool that it enhances the look of the bracelet.

I chose two colours for me. One is navy blue mix with black and also another in maroon colour.

Both go well with my daily outfit so I am sort of using it daily and it became a must-have item for me. LOL!

The best part with CSquare is you can get each and every item customised to your hand size. So I don't have to worry about the bracelet being in a size which doesn't fit me.

You can also get very creative and mix match like how I mixed navy blue with black. Having fun choosing your favourite!

They are selling single colour bracelet for RM 45.00, mix colour bracelet for RM60.00 and Tsum Tsum series for RM 50.00.

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