Katru Mara ~ Goosebumps Till the End!

The first impression failed when I first watched Katru Mara. It felt like it is like other typical stories. Don't get me wrong. The story kicked off in a very typical manner anyhow.

The Storyline ~ A boy who is from a good family enrols into college. He will get new friends and walks through a new dark path.

That's about it about Katru Mara but....

The flow from the second half and the ending is what made Katru Mara a mind-blowing short film which stands out from the rest!

Each cast played their given role perfectly. Especially the sister of the main cast. It was rather shocking to see how she transformed from a loving sister to (will it be a spoiler if I reveal? LOL!)

The scene in 16.55 to 17.55 was rather draggy and it could have just shown within 30 seconds. It was filled with good shots but that 1 minute felt too long for me. 

I was rather pissed off to think of how both main casts talked about changing their lives and be good at the beginning of the scene after all they did.

The ending of the story was rather perfect for me though having the friend running away halfway was a little dissatisfying.

To understand whatever I'm saying even better do watch Katru Mara!

Katru Mara ~ A Good Lesson 


Director of Photography, Editing & Visual Effects
Deepak Fain

Music Composer
S S Bharanidharan

Subramaniam Nagappan

Executive Producer
Savundra Kumar

Yuvaraj Krishnasamy
Madana Vilosyen
Yoges Hermione
Arun Kumar Vengadasalam
Subramaniam Nagappan
Kancha Vilosyen

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