Thiruvin Manggai Review

Viknish Lokarag Asokan is back. This time he shook the world with an unexpected teaser which went viral recently.

Yes and no the teaser is not what the movie is all about. Watch it for yourself to know why is it a yes and a no.

I had the privilege to watch the short film and it got me real bad. Both main casts portrayed their role really well. The male cast, G Crack's role is something nobody could ever guess.

It is a very challenging role which he pulled off really well. The female cast Punitah Shanmugam's role can be seen on the teaser itself. Such a bold character who will also show the feminine side of hers in the short film.

Thiruvin Manggai is a simple story but the attention given to the small details in the short film is what makes the short film even better.

I can conclude Thiruvin Manggai as a painful journey of a beautiful story.

I don't wish to reveal much about the story. Manggai varuva (*will come). Watch and witness it yourself.

Thiruvin Manggai #TVM is an upcoming short film which is Written & Directed by Viknish Lokarag Asokan, which features G Crak II Asuranz, Punitah Shanmugam, Vicky Nadarajah and Mohana Raj in their respective roles.

Watch the teaser here: 

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