Lip & Co Newly Launched Water Tint and Limited Edition Brow Filler Review!

Both the Water Tint and Brow Filler are said to be a long wear product so my focus was more on the how long do these products stay on my face. What shook me was the design of the products!

The Water Tint looked more like a marker pen and the brow filler wasn't like the usual brow filler that I am used to. (It is non-retractable!)

First, let's explore the Water Tint.

I tried two types of Water Tint. One is Red Siren #04 and another is Amazonian #03. To my amaze, both were in a marker pen shape. I have used lipstick which comes in pen form so it wasn't so weird.

Till I opened the tube. The lid was exactly like a marker pen. You would not have any idea how happy I felt. It felt like my childhood dream came true.

Remember the time we pretend marker pens are our lip tint and we will pretend to colour our lips using it? This time I tried it for real on my lips!

The application was rather easy. You do not need a lip liner when you apply Water Tint. Remember I told you that it looked like a marker pen? It worked like it too.

There are sharp edges where you can use to line your lip. The first application worked as a great sheer tint and the second application are the best for intense luscious effect.

Since it is a water-based so right after it dried it wasn't sticky and I felt like I am wearing nothing at all on my lips. It is light-weight and matte which suits my current obsession.

What I liked the most about this Water Tint is the scent after I applied it. It was fruity scent and I really liked it.

Since it is said a long-wear product so I tested the transfer proof and yes it will not transfer if your lips are completely dry.

You have to wait for the water to dry off then you can try to kiss the back of your palm and when I tried it, I saw it was kissproof. So did it stay for 8 hours?

It stayed longer than 8 hours. I am truly pleased with how this Water Tint worked.

The con of this water tint is I couldn't get an even application as the colour of the upper lip and lower lip looked a little different and I had to make both even.

I am having chappy lips lately due to dehydration so I can't accurately tell about moisturisation. The product is said to be infused with Vitamin B5 to provide that extra boost of hydration while Aloe Vera Extract to soothe the lips.

They have about 4 shades and it's time to check them all out! Each Water Tint goes for RM 59.00.

Next, The Brow Filler!

I have used a lot of types of brow filler but this is the first time I am trying a Gel Brow Pencil. It is gel! I usually go for pencil form or the hard lead type of brow filler.

The gel was thick and I didn't have to touch up much when it comes to my eyebrow. Just a little here and there was enough.

Another thing which caught my attention is you can't mess with this brow filler. It is NON-RETRACTABLE! So once you retract it you can't retract back in. *I had to learn it the hard way.

The reason why the Brow Filler is non-retractable is to protect the long-wear formulation.

To shape the brows, use gentle horizontal strokes along the base. Fill sparse area by drawing short feathery, upward strokes in the direction of your natural hair growth.

Gently brush with the spoolie to create a natural effect and tame flyaway hairs.

Frame the face with beautiful brows with this gorgeous long-wear formulation. Its buildable colour and attached spoolie make it effortless to create hair-like strokes to fill in sparser areas.

So does it last for 8 hours like they said? It lasted for more than 8 hours for me! It comes in 2 shades light brown and rich brown. It is being sold for RM 29.00 each.

For someone who goes out in the morning and returns home at night both these Water Tint and Brow Filler are life saviours!

For more information:

You can check the product here 4 Shades of WATER TINT - ULTRA LONG-WEAR LIP TINT

You can check the product here BROW FILLER - LONG WEAR GEL BROW PENCIL 

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