Bare for Bare Chamomile & Lily Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner Review!

The problem started when I had frizzy hair. In order to control frizzy hair, I started using oil to keep my hair on the place. No, the more oil I used, my hair just got oilier but never less frizzy.

I opted for Bare for Bare as it is volumising and soothing. Why didn't I get a none frizzy shampoo? Well, I am using one and the reason for my frizzy hair is not because of my hair.

It was because of my newly growing baby hairs. Since it is short so it stood up and it makes my hair to look as if it is dry and frizzy. How do I avoid such a condition?

Volumised hair! Yes! When your hair is volumised and not oily, the short hair will blend with the volume your hair has and hence there will not be a frizzy hair.

Of course, you have to style your hair where your hair will not show off the standing baby hairs. Another reason why I chose this shampoo is that it controls hair fall.

I wake up to hair being everywhere on the white marble of mine which freaks me out. I think I am going to go bald soon! Hence, I need to pamper my hair with some good botanical extracts!

Bare for Bare that I chose is Bare for Bare Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner- Chamomile and Lily. This exotic combination features chamomile and lily botanical extracts.

The chamomile extract helps to strengthen hair root and provide volume to hair, while the lily extract helps to soothe and calm sensitive hair.

Bare for Bare is also:
✔ 300ml
✔ 100% Botanical Extracts
✔ PEG Free
✔ Paraben Free
✔ Silicone Free
✔Alcohol Free
✔Fragrance Free
✔Colourant Free

Directions for use: After shampooing, apply a generous amount of hair conditioner on your hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave it on for 1 minute and rinse it off. For best results, do not rinse with warm water.

Chamomile has benefits like:
1. Soothing and hydrating
2. Nourished hair
3. Soothes scalp and anti-inflammation
4. Strengthen hair root and prolong hair lifespan

Lili has benefits like:
1. Stimulates hair growth
2. Soothing and keep scalp healthily hydrated
3. Nourishes the scalp

This shampoo can also prevent hair fall, scalp irritation and weak hair root. Can be said as it is a perfect use to those who have a sensitive scalp.

Overall, I really love the end result of Bare for Bare. I like how nourished my hair is and it is not dry as I thought it will be. Yet, I believe this shampoo will work differently for different hair type. 

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