Shopped At Desa Home and Figured That I Knew Nothing About Electrical Stuff!

Yes! As the title suggests, I figured I am truly in early adult stage as I shopped in an Electrical shop. I had no idea about anything. Even worst when I saw certain electrical items and I was questioning the salesman on what alien thing is that?

What I would have done if Varmman and the salesman weren't helping me to figure out what are the electrical stuff in the shop and on how to buy it.

What kind of fridge suits you the best? What is an air-fryer? Do we really need a cloth steamer in our house though it sounds fancy and nice? Well, at least I do know the size of the television I want in my house.

Just as Desa Home was having a clearance sale, I couldn't resist but to shop right away as I have heard you can get the items there for a very good price during clearance.

Glad that I went really early so I could avoid the crowd. As I reached I was served by a salesman asking on what I am looking for. I said I just wanted to look around as seriously I have no idea.

He was very understanding and chose to just stay around close to us so I can ask him any kind of question. When it comes to any kind of question I am not kidding you, I asked all kind of questions.

What is this thing? How do I use this? Should I get this? OMG! You actually have this? Suggest me something which is on sale now? Which brand is within my budget? and it went on.

My salesman in Desa Home patiently answered my questions and in fact, he suggested so many things till I actually made really good worthy purchases.

Most items were out of stock as many came and hunted for all the good stuff during the sale but glad that I could still get the item I wanted.

The sale was too good as you can see here. A 65'' worth RM9433 LG Smart Television was being sold for RM5299! Yes, HALF A PRICE!!

Also, I liked how bright and organised the place was. I was able to find the item I want and the brand I want easily as each brand was labelled which you can even spot from far.

After a while, I really got tired and I haven't checked half of the store. Glad that Desa Home Theatre arranges sofa for the customers to relax. I was able to continue my shopping venture after relaxing my legs.

Overall, I had a good time shopping at Desa Home Theatre and will definitely go again if I need to get more electrical stuff.

About Desa Home:

Established in 1995, Desa Home has won numerous awards which includes 2017 International Prestige Brand Award, 2016 Asia Honesty Enterprise Award, Malaysia Top Entrepreneur of The Year Award and 2018 DOTY Designer of The Year Awards ‘Best Product Design Home Entertainment (Audio Systems) Category. They are also the authorized reseller of trusted brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Philips, Haier, Hisense, Sharp, Electrolux, Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, KEF, Wharfedale, Klipsch, TEAC, Cambridge Audio, NAD, Polk Audio, Paradigm, BMB, BIK, D-Voice and many more. Desa Home’s team is equipped with professional knowledge to provide dedicated quality service to serve corporate clients, as well as individual needs.

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Kepong Tel : 03- 6275 2840 /6275 2979
The Square, One City Subang Tel : 03- 5022 3077 / 5022 3062 / 5022 3063

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