When I was young I told my parents...

When I was young I told my parents that I will never cook. I will marry a man who can cook or I will just get a chef as my husband.

Now that I am all grown up, where are all the man who can cook?

What happened to the thoughts of mine when I was young that life is easy and everything can be sorted and fall into place when I get older?

Why isn't it the same now? Why living life is too tough. Everything seems so complicated. Don't get me wrong. I am in a happy relationship and I am no longer in the thoughts of escaping cooking. I love cooking.

But the confidence I had when I was a kid made me see things in a different way back then. Everything seemed possible, manageable, and can be sorted out somehow.

Now that I am truly living the present, I don't seem to be seeing things like how I used to. I am just a stress ball all sick and worried about my future. Nothing is being sorted. Just following the flow where I wish the path of the flow will be changed.

To think about it, I am still thinking my marriage will be sorted. Still thinking that my future will be sorted and everything will fall into place.

Is that another fantasy I am living in like I did when I was young?

Life is never easy? Life will never sort itself out?

- Crappy Blogger -

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