Ryoshi Signature, Atria Mall ~ Japanese Food Review

Japanese food has always been my favourite. Sushi? Any time of the day I am up for it. So when I received an invitation from Ryoshi Signature by Foodilifecious, I was super excited.

Ryoshi Signature a pioneer in introducing affordable premium Japanese cuisine in Malaysia. 

We got situated at the VIP table and food started flooding in within minutes. I was exposed to new types of food. I was familiar with Sashimi and most of the food looked familiar but I couldn’t guess the name.

One of the things that I loved in a Japanese Restaurant is they will always make sure that your glass is full. Mine was hot green tea. I was keen on getting a hot green tea as it goes very well with the sushi most of the time.

They also made sure we had our cutleries prepared before we dive in our food review. I liked how prompt they were in replying whenever we asked anything.

Since we were in the VIP room so we had the privacy to chat with others without disturbing any other party. The interior was also cosy and comfortable for us to move around and take pictures of the food.

The first thing that I noticed when the food was served to us is the amount of effort that has been put to decorate each and every plate. Especially the Fuyou Sashimi.

The Sashimi was the first thing I tried as I love fresh salmon and tuna. It was so fresh and sweet. I enjoyed it so much that I was craving for more but since I had a lot more other food to try so I didn’t go for the second round.

The next item I tried was Sushi Roll. I tried Ryoshi Buta Maki, Oyster Maki and Cranky Salmon Maki. Obviously, I loved Cranky Salmon Maki as I love salmon a lot.

I also liked Yaki Tori, Yaki Soba, Shirao Tempura a new dish and Yaki Gyoza. To those of you who love Japanese should definitely visit Ryoshi Signature to get a pleasant fine dining experience for a very affordable price.


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