Stop Being a Perfectionist!

Stop Being a Perfectionist! Be Happy

Have you ever been in a situation where you don't dare to start something new just because you think it is not perfect enough to be started?

Stop that right away! No no no! 

When it comes to creating something amazing, imperfection and flaws plays a major role in 
'perfecting' whatever that you do.

I kid you not! I used to think so much and always have stopped myself from creating something or posting a blog post just because I think it is not perfect enough. Something is lacking. Let me post it when it looks "complete". Till date, I am yet to post that particular content as I was never able to fully complete it and satisfy myself.

As I kept asking myself, why am I so behind my target? I am hardly reaching anything at all. That's when I realised, me being a perfectionist was not a defence. It didn't help me to create something. In fact, all it did was to halt me from my progress. 

Stop Being a Perfectionist! Be Happy

How did I save myself from drowning? 

I figured out that "Change is the only thing that is constant". Which means no matter how perfectly I create my content, I will want to change it anyway. 

So I started creating something and as long as it reaches 8/10 of my expectations it means the content is ready to be out there. Don't get me wrong. I am still a perfectionist. Only by being one, I am able to figure out and spot my flaws and work on it. 

I figured that being perfectionist killed the creativity in me. I wasn't able to explore other areas as I was extremely rigid to what I want.

Stop Being a Perfectionist! Be Happy

Since being a perfectionist was the biggest flaw at that particular time, I toned down and started to let go. Eventually, I started posting a lot of contents though it wasn't so perfect. Felt proud when I got feedback from my clients and readers that my articles are actually perfect and are exactly what they need. 

From then on I kept working on making my content better and stop worrying so much about perfecting it. Turns out I was freaking out and was worried for nothing. 

Of course, I was still worried deep in. I learned to take it slow, one step at the time and learnt on bettering my content along the way. 

Stop Being a Perfectionist! Be Happy

Ugly truth?

There is no such thing as creating perfect content. 

Any content is content. As long as I reach my goal then my content is good to go. Along the way by putting my content out there, I learned a lot on other areas that I was lacking on. I figure out why I kept thinking the content is not perfect. I upgraded the current content accordingly. 

I learned along the journey. Not by sitting at the content that I was trying to perfect up.  I think if I got stuck there then I would have created probably just 10 articles in total? It is a nightmare, isn't it?

Here are some detrimental effects of being too perfectionist we can face

- Limits our attempt to try
- Inhibits risk-taking and creativity
- Causes procrastination
- Aimless journey. Quick to be lose
- Quick to burnout and get exhausted

Stop Being a Perfectionist! Be Happy

Sometimes we will feel like our content is not perfect enough for the world because we keep comparing ourselves with the ones who are already putting out the content. 

Stop comparing. Be unique. That is your content. Your rule! What you say is what it is!!

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