The moment you're burnout doing the job that you're most passionate about, you have failed!

Well, when it comes to my career path, I have always chosen a career that I am passionate about. I chose to not merely work for any kind of job just because I get to pay my bills at the end of the month.

At first, I was proud that I am doing what I love. I know I am privileged for having the ability to do so. I am living a life where most people will kill to have. At least, that's what my friend told me when I said that I wanted to give up.

What went wrong throughout the process is? I burnt the midnight oil, juggled too many things on my own and ended up burning out. 

I burnt out real bad that I stopped everything for 1 week. My brain stopped working. Literally. Haha. 

I always knew what to do. All of sudden, I was so blur not knowing what's my next step. Then when I knew that I screwed up. 

See being passionate about your career is a good thing. But everything in life must be well balanced. I had no idea that going full-on 24/7 achieving my dreams is actually a very wrong way to go.  

Social media have always shown me how others grind to achieve their dreams and that inspired me to go all out too. I don't think I have seen some of them taking a good rest ever or maybe they just didn't show on social media. Looking at it, even I don't show when I take a break. 

The lesson I learned from this is to TAKE A BREAK! Sleep! Binge-watch your favourite series! Treat yourself! Be happy! 

Don't only pamper yourself when you have succeeded. I used to do this. Only after achieving my goals, I treat myself to something nice. No. Treat yourself even if you have failed. You worked so hard for it. You deserve it nevertheless. If you don't pamper yourself nobody will.

Now I have changed the way I go about my schedule. I am no longer working all 7 days. I have break days and also once I have achieved the minimum goal, I treat myself. 

This kept me well-rested, happy and being able to function well for the next day. 

I hope this inspires you to take a break once in a while too. <3 

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