About Crappy Blogger's Instagram Coaching

Chuojashni Subramaniam is the founder of Crappy Blogger Social Media Marketing. She is a content creator who has 6 years of experience when it comes to creating content on different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Blog post and also on Youtube.

She chose to specialize in Instagram and started giving 1-1 personal coaching to small entrepreneurs on "How to Master and Sell on Instagram".

Her lesson plan includes:

- Instagram Tips and Tricks

-Facebook and Instagram Ad Secrets

- Copywriting

- How to Improve Instagram

- Instagram Engagement Mandatory Checklist

- Content Creation Idea

- One Month Content Creation Planning

She is known for being a very effective and thoughtful coach who puts a lot of ideas or tips during an Instagram coaching session. The lessons are said to be engaging, useful and the coach patiently teaches on how to improve the mistakes. The lesson plans taught during the Instagram coaching lesson are said to be very useful to develop a small entrepreneur's business Instagram page.

The free advice on how to improve the Instagram engagement given by the coach is said to be extremely useful, insightful, and gives a different perspective on improving Instagram engagement.

She has also released the "Road to be a Blogger" Ebook before she became an Instagram coach. Right now, she is in the midst of releasing her second Ebook related to Social Media Marketing.

She also provides Group Coaching, Personal 1-1 Coaching to CEO and Entrepreneurs who wishes to improve their Instagram Game.

Reach her on Instagram - Crappy Blogger or email her at chuojashnisubramaniam@yahoo.com

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