Anxiety Basic Knowledge

1. Who can possibly get anxiety?

Tho who had

- Stressful or traumatic experience during childhood

-Family History

-Certain personality traits like shyness

-Certain physical conditions like thyroid problems 

2. Types of Anxiety Disorder

- Generalized Anxiety Disorder

- Panic Disorder

- Phobias

- Separation Anxiety

3. What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

- You may feel extreme and unrealistic tension and worry

- May worry a lot about various topics like health, work, school and relationship

- Physical symptoms are restlessness, problem concentrating and also sleeping problems

4. What is Panic Disorder?

 - Get intense and sudden panic attacks and can resemble a heart attack

- The feelings of terror may come from a trigger like facing a situation that you dread

- You may experience 


*heart palpitation

*chest pain

*feeling of choking

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