150 Children Performing Life! ~Hosanna Benefitting Shepherd’s Home (Music Concert)

 Last week, exactly today I had an opportunity to attend a charity music concert at Wisma TA. The music concert was the first thing I could hear and to know that they are conducting it for a good cause, am I impressed or what?

When I entered the hall was already full of people and must I say about the vibe which was content with excitement and thrill to watch 150 children performing life! Out of excitement, I searched for a seat which had the best view.

 The concert started with a music of course. Mr Ken Lee played the violin all solo. Then it started taking off with a speech by the Hosanna Principal Ms Jenny Chian and also a speech by a VVIP, Dato Jonathan Lim.

 The show started to sky rocket cheers once the opening dance named “Celebration” conducted by Ms Jacqueline began. It was such a beautiful and graceful dance. To see the lead ballet dancer accompanied by the kids who are equally good ballet dancers won many people’s, heart.

Next, performance was percussion “ Xiao Ping Guo” conducted by Ms Wong. It was so cute to see very young kids about age 4 to 6 to perform. They must have practised hard as they did a good job trying to make every movement to match.

 Then, the next performance was by young children’s keyboard and percussion conducted by Ms Carmen Ong. It was a cute sight indeed to see half of them playing keyboard and another half playing with the cup. The end result combination of both sounds was mesmerising.

 What happened next impressed me big time. They had kids from different age to give a speech in front of the stage. The most feared thing by people is public speaking and these kids nailed it big time! Their confidence level inspired me to be able to get rid of my stage fear as well.

Doraemon 8 Hands & Yiruma Medley 4 Hands conducted by Ms. Jenny Chian brought me back to my childhood. Yes, I used to spend my weekends watching Doraemon at TV 7 and now I am still watching it on Youtube. LOL!

Next performance was ensemble “St Elmo’s Fire Love conducted by Ms Irene Chian. It was a beautiful combination of piano, keyboard and drum.

 They also had price giving ceremony for those kids who got distinction in their particular field of music interest. They had it as 1st half and 2nd half prize giving.

Next performance is one of the hottest performance ever as it was a Belly Dance “La Bel Hadawa” conducted by Ms Cheong Bee Yen. The ladies took over the stage and I don’t think anyone even blinked as their performance was breath taking.

Then, they had a soothing violin performance “Viva La Vida” conducted by Mr Ken Lee, a fun guitar performance “La Bamba” conducted by Mr Sham Maniram and they continued with the 2nd half prize giving.

Then the energy rate of the performance was lit up again with a choir group singing “Let It Go” conducted by  Ms Chew, Ms Tong and Ms Carmen. 

Then a group of kids performed ballet “Alice in the Wonderland” conducted by Ms Koh Sum Yee.

Then final two last performance was a dance performance. The first performance was a Hip Hop conducted by Mr Christopher Bongcasan. It was a lit as the kids were super energised performing hip hop. 

Next was “The Merge” conducted by Ms Koh & Mr Christopher. This was a very creative performance as it was a merge between Hip Hop and Ballet. It was very entertaining and the kids nailed it.

Then the show finally came to an end with a mock cheque ceremony and also a speech by Sheperd Home Principal. Not to forget, they had lucky draw for all the lucky audience!

Overall, I really had a great time and I enjoyed myself throughout the entire show. With the humorous hosts who knows exactly how to cover a technical fault and how to lit the show with the audience constantly cheering, Hosanna Music Concert is a win!

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