Pizza over Boys is So Real! ~ Skippy’s Pizza Review

Yes, Pizza over Boys is so real! Skippy was a little different though as they introduced a brand new menu when it comes to pizza. It wasn’t the usual Hawaiian or BBQ. They had pork and lamb pizza!

I got a little excited when they said pork pizza as I have tried various dishes on pork but not a pizza. Guess what I ordered off all the food on the menu? Pork pizza, of course, Skippy’ Pulled Pork which is also their signature pizza! It cost about RM28.90

Thankfully my friend came with me and she ordered Seafood Lover's pizza as she doesn’t eat pork. It cost about RM26.00. As for the interior, the place scored an 8/10 as it was rugged and super cool. My type I will say.

As for the customer service, it scored an 8/10 as the waiter was checking on us if we are good with our food and if we need anything else.  They were totally making sure that we are having a good time. Loved it!

As suggested by the waiter, I tried their Chili Mussels and OMG! It was just good or what?! I loved it so much that I ate the entire bowl, giving my friend just a little to try. But the bread was too greasy for me because I can’t take oily food. It cost about RM35.00. 

The taste of the food scored a 7/10. Their variety in a menu which is different from other common Pizza restaurant is definitely a big advantage. The price is equal to Domino so I have nothing to complain about.

I will definitely go again!

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