4 Reasons why Bahubali is Degraded!

So Bahubali’s excitement died I believe. Just the right time to reveal why Bahubali is degraded despite all the great remarks it got. BTW, only read this article if you have watched Bahubali 1 and Bahubali 2 because I am not going to explain the head and tail here.

 1. The Rape of Avanthika with One Song
Still remember Bahubali 1 where Shivu will try to win Avanthika’s heart? The entire scene of Shivu approaching Avanthika was seen as a sexual assault and Shivu was seen as a molester.  Especially the beginning part of the song scene was screaming out loud “RAPE SCENE” while many enjoyed and for some it became their favorite song.

2. It is a Pure Business
“Why Katappa killed Bahubali?” was hyped up on social media. Once the movie was out, the audience rushed to the cinema to know the answer. The audience gets the answer and the film makers earned over RS 1000 crore within 8 days. The end.

3. One of The Most Unrealistic Movie Ever Made
In Bahubali 1, Shivu climbed a huge mountain and fell like as if he was in a playground playing with slides. In Bahubali 2 they used “Angry Bird attack” as a form of war strategy.  Creative but it is just not logic enough. Not to forget, Bahubali took it like a man when he was shot by a few arrows and could still fight to save Katappa but he died when Katappa stabbed him using a sword. Movie critics feel that they took the most audience for granted.  

4. Bahubali 2 is a Cover Up for Bahubali 1’s Mistake
Still, remember the “rape scene song” which I mentioned in number 1? Well, it is thought that Bahubali 2 involved a touch of feminism and gave both main female casts the outranked zest so it will cover up the mistakes made in Bahubali 1. Bahubali 2 was also said to be sugar coated with lots of moral values.

These points are being stated here after a thorough research and after evaluating movie critic’s opinion. If you don’t agree with the points stated above then feel free to comment below or tag #CrappyBlogger wherever you share it so I can read your opinion.


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  2. Hi. Just read all your opinion on Bahubali and I jus felt this entire post was interlaced wit some bias opinions. OK Let's stumble across your no 1. 'Rape of Avantika'- In what basis you are saying that the scenes depicts shivu as a molester? He literally turned warrior a avantika into a princess by some mischief. No one ever felt he was molesting her as the scene didn't depicts that someone is being molested. At the end of scene we can see how n avantika appreciated her new appearance by seeing her image thru reflection of water. And at the beginning of her introduction director already showed Avantika as someone who love appearance, you can see she lied down near river bank and started to admire her face.
    No 2: Bahubali is pure business-
    OK can you name one movie which made for charity? Movies are meant for entertainment and it is millions dollar business, no one will make a movie for charity. And you added people went to watch jus to know who killed Baahubali, may I know which census data says that audiences only went to know why katappa killed baahubali? Have any survey done by yourself? In every movie there is always some marketing gimmicks by the producers so that they can attract audiences to cinema, as I said movie industry is not a non profitable industry.
    No 3: Most unrealistic movie - well do u know what is mythological movie? If you say baahubali Is most unrealistic movie then what about avatar? What about spiderman? Which logic tell you that u can make spider web by using human wrist? What about all kind Marvel comics series? What about transformer wherw cars Turning into a huge robot? What kind of logic is that? But people still going and no one ever criticized that as people knows the movie is based on comic and full of adventures.

    No 4:baahubali part 2 is cover up part 1 ; u overlooked the whole context here, Prince Amerandara baahubali who showed supporter of feminism while shivu was shown as happy go lucky guy who loves adventure and normal civilian. We should look up the prince, not the shivu. Having said that this movie deeply rooted with Hinduism core values and principles. This movie tells us that we must upheld dharma at any cost.

    1. Dear Prakash Rao Balakrishnan,

      I really appreciate that you took your time to share your thoughts. Thank you so much. Hard to deny everybody has a different point of view. What I shared was a research on what the movie critiques critiqued on Bahubali as I didn't want to do very cliques write up on Bahubali.

      Bahubali 1 and Bahubali 2 is amazing. I watched Bahubali 1 more than 4 times and Bahubali 2 for 3 times as for me Bahubali is one of the best movies I have watched by far compared to all movies I have ever watched in my lifetime.

      No 1: No one ever felt he was molesting her as the scene didn't depict that someone is being molested.

      I am sorry. But you do know that Rape of Avanthika is one of the most talked about issue when Bahubali 1 got released right? Surprised that you came up with that statement as you must have known better. Here are some write ups on it

      1. http://www.chitramala.in/rajamoulis-response-to-the-rape-of-avanthika-191969.html
      2. http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/blink/watch/the-rape-of-avanthika/article7433603.ece
      3. http://english.tupaki.com/movienews/article/Rape-of-Avantika-in-Baahubali-becomes-Controversial/30310
      4. http://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/why-the-love-scene-between-prabhas-and-tamannah-in-baahubali-is-not-rape-2373868.html

      If you still remember the scenes, Avanthika was stalked by Shivu without Avanthika not realising it and Shivu will draw on Avanthika's hand and shoulder. Who in the right mind will stalk a girl and touch a girl without her permission? In another scene, when the main leader saw the ink and he didn't want Avanthika to be that person to rescue Devasena. Saw the reaction Avanthika gave? She wasn't happy about it and Shivu's act sort off ruined her life goal.

      Now relate it to our life in a way we are showing the current generation that it is okay to touch a girl without her permission and also to stalk her. So what happened to our "When she says no, it is a no?"

      Avanthika actually used her sword and hurt Shivu until Shivu bled while Shivu was trying to "beautify her" which I called as a rape scene. Yes, the director rationalised it by making Avanthika accept the fact that Shivu was just trying to beautify her but that doesn't make the rape scene right. It was a good idea to beautify Avanthika as she likes her self-being pretty but the way it was shown is a major failure.

      No 2. I didn't say a movie should be made for charity. It's just that I liked how they hyped up the movie with one question and most of us watched the movie just to know the answer to the question. Even I won't make any movie for charity sake.

      Also, I didn't say audience only watched the movie to know the answer. "Only" makes a huge difference to my statement. In a way, I was saying it got the attention mostly because of the shoutouts on "Why Kattappa killed Bahubali?" If you survey around you can see majority articles are on "Why kattappa killed bahubali" as equally to articles on Bahubali. Yes I did my survey. Thanks for asking.

      No 3. There is a reason why Marvel movies are classified as superhero movies.

      No 4. It is a good explanation. One thing you don't understand is if you see a different point of view, "Rape of Avanthika" became a major issue where Bahubali's image dropped down a little though it ran well in cinemas. Movie critiques thought that Bahubali 2 involved a touch of feminism and gave both main female casts the outranked zest so it will cover up the mistakes made in Bahubali 1. They thought as it was a simple logic and it is their opinion. I just shared it as I felt I could sense the logic.

  3. Hi Dear Chuojashni Subramaniam, of course everybody has different views and it is generally very tough to achieve consensus in any debate/opinion. Well i appreciate your effort to write up such articles and the reason tempted me to reply your article was due to the title which spells 'why baahubali doesn't deserve the credits which it received'. As i also part of an entertainment industry, generally I am not an avid supporter of any movie or any actor. I seldom make any comments on any movie or actor too. But your title has undermined someone hard-work and the Baahubali team had invested almost 5 years with the hope of see the success. I could understand well the pain of making a movie, it is not that easy to pull off such movie in that magnified scale. You could have titled as 'errors in baahubali or whichever will sound diplomatic. Saying that they don't deserve the credits is really unacceptable, i am saying this from an artist point of view:,if i am not an artist or nowhere related to entertainment industry,probably i wouldn't pay a heed on this blog.

    No 1: Yes i read the news where director rajamouli backfired due to the scenes but i dont know to how extent it has become as an issue. Maybe from your point of view the scene maybe inappropriate but i really honor your views.

    No 2: haha. ya no one will make anything for charity. Everything is business! I respect the guts of the director to end Baahubali 1 just with an open ended question. It is very common in Hollywood. In spiderman 2 ,we can see the movie ended by revealing peter parker as a killer to Green Goblin's son and part 3 was just sequel to it. Same strategy used SSR but initially he hadn't planned to make baahubali into 2 parts, he was compelled to cut the movie into 2 as the movie was more than 3 hours. But it will very difficult to end a movie with an open ended conclusion as any wrong move would jeopardize the movie and the audience also mustn’t feel disappointed.

    No 3: yes, those movies are superhero and Bahhubali is fiction which deeply rooted with hinduism, i would say it is akin to ramayana or mahabaratha( just my opinion, not fact) I love the way they showed dharma which is the core tenet of Hinduism and i am not saying that this is the only movie which has those aforesaid elements, we had Karna, Ramayana and etc but recently we have been such movies which shed positive light on our culture. Bolloywood nowadays incline towards western and Islamic elements which always paint bad picture on Hindusim and Bahubali was a breath of fresh air. Having said that the 'angry bird' stunts which you had mentioned is possible and make sense since the whole movie was a fiction.

    No 4: Baahubali revolves around a feminism and shows that women are also equal to a man and there is no place for male chauvinism. We can see where Rajamatha Sivagami is the higher authority and she has the absolute power to make decision. I agree some parts may not appropriate but the overall plot overshadowed everything. It showed our core tenets of dharma ,which is how a king should be, the upshot of power greediness, the loyal servant who maintained his duty without contradicting with dharma. In this movie we can see prabhas didnt get chance to prove his mettle in administrating the Mahismathi kingdom,but people still loved him. He wont people heart, not the throne. This is an example for our current politician who knows how to con but fail to understand the needs of the people. And last but not least this movie also somehow had debunked the Aryan Invasion theory by showing Lord Ganesha on the opening scene of BB2.

    Just my opinon. Cheers. Nice to have chat with you intellectually and hope to see more write ups from you.


    1. True indeed. It was nice chatting with you intellectually. Hopefully with gods grace. I always welcome comments from anyone who thinks my post is against their opinion and belief so I can learn more.


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