Visited KL Bird Park For The First Time!


So the closest I have been to is the Hornbill Restaurant and Cafe that is situated at the Bird Park but I have never been to the Bird Park. This month finally I decided to explore the KL Bird Park!

Initially, I thought a Bird Park will be a park that is full of cages with birds. Little did I know that we can actually take a walk with the birds as well?! Well, some birds are kept in the cage somehow before you attack me.

I was super lucky as we were accompanied by Taufiq who knows the park so well. The first thing we did is to visit Milky Stork Feeding. Well, can't deny that's the first time I saw a Stork. Okay, probably 20-30 Storks. 

I was so excited as I didn't know that we would be able to see the storks so close and walk next to them. I somehow thought the bird park will work like how a Zoo does. 

The feeder started feeding the storks by throwing a lot of fishes on the ground and he also fed one by one by holding the fish up in the air. 

Since we are walking so close to them, there are a few strict rules that have to be followed. Those are do not shout, do not pick the feathers, do not feed, do not disturb the birds, do not pull the bird's feathers and many more.

Then we went to Bulbul Land where we saw this black beauty enjoying her day so beautifully. I have never seen a black swan looking so majestic before. 

Another breathtaking moment is definitely at the Flamingo Pond where the Flamingos gracefully sunbathing in a beautifully landscaped pond complete with a scenic man-made waterfall. 

It was so beautiful that I didn't feel like leaving at all. 

There are a few feeding points where you can see the birds eating. 

At this Bird Park, watching the bird is not the only centre of attraction. You can also hold them and take pictures at a certain point. At World of Parrots, you can feed them milk and they will stand on you as you click pictures with them.

The mini aviary is specially designed to accommodate various species of parrots in their collection consisting of cockatoos, lories and lorikeets. 

You can also go to the booth and take beautiful photos with the colourful and tame birds for a perfect souvenir. The best part is we can choose our own camera or their digital photo service. 

Can you feed the birds? Nope, but you can feed ostrich!! Yes! So there is a feeding point to feed the ostriches. It was a special feeling to see them eating when I feed. 

You can also see how they feed the hornbills. It is so systematic where they cut the food in cube form and swing it from the ground and the hornbill catches it perfectly. They also use whistle to tell the hornbill that the food is coming. 

When it is a bird park, do they have chicken? At this bird park, they dedicated a building as an education station where the newly born chicks are kept and a lot more info on other birds. 

Last but not least, they also have Bird Show that happens at a specific time. You can see how smart the parrots play the game and compete with each other. 

Daily Activities 

9.30 am - 5.30 pm - Bird Photography 

10.00 am - 5.00 pm - Lory Feeding  

10.00 am - 5.00 pm  - Ostrich Feeding 

10.30 am - Free Flying Bird Feeding 

11.30 am - Hornbill Feeding

12.30 pm and 3.30 pm - Bird Show

2.30 pm - Eagle Feeding 

4.00 PM - Milky Stork Feeding

Not to forget, they also have Hornbill Restaurant and I have reviewed that place before. You can read the review here: http://www.crappyblogger.com/2017/11/hornbill-restaurant-kl-bird-park-review.html

The best part that you shouldn't miss when you dine at the restaurant is sitting outdoor so you can actually dine with the Hornbills and other birds. 

This time I tried their Lamb Chop and again their sauce is a highlight! They also serve various drinks. 

The KL Bird Park is definitely in the list of places to go again! 

For more information visit: www.klbirdpark.com

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