4 Types of Crowd You Have to Endure!

Being a teenager or for someone who is entering early adulthood, there will be 4 types of a crowd that you have to endure in your lifetime.

1. Your nigga's

These are the type of people who know how terrible and how gem of a person you are. With this crowd, you can be you. You can be crazy. Nobody is going to judge you or be judgmental cause they are as crazy as you are.

2. Working colleagues

With this type of crowd you can mingle around and be you but you have to be "the decent you". In another way of saying this "be the professional you" as you don't want to spoil your image or be seen as someone who is not serious. They are not as understanding as your niggas. Of course, you can still chill and make jokes but it's better to show your best self when you're in this crowd.

3. The serious crowd

With this crowd, you either talk less or you talk nothing at all. The lesser your voice is being heard the better if you're the person who doesn't know how to hold a professional conversation well. They, of course, would love to hear your opinion but make sure that you are up to par and you know your stuff when you're with this type of crowd.

Even if you don't know how to hold the conversation well, be very open to learning. I'm sure most professional wouldn't mind teaching a stuff or two. Personally, I prefer listening when I'm with this type of group as I believe that I can learn unimaginably a lot by just being part of their conversations. Usually, this happens when you're being with a group of intellectuals or with a group of experts.

4. The corrupted crowd

Say nothing at all. Try disappearing from the group if that's possible. This is for the crowd who has no better work but to gossip and tarnish other people's name. I personally have encountered this type of crowd twice in my lifetime and I hope I will never ever see their faces again. Don't waste your time taking in the negative vibes when you can do beneficial stuff like "eating" for instance. *I prefer food if compared to negative vibes.


  1. It's not to bad to endure people that we really have to face... Anyhow, it really train our level of tolerance and endurance...

  2. These crowd will making you wiser and tougher to face the world.

    Your nigga here. Hehe

    1. True and yesss you're definitely my nigga! <3

  3. True. Your nigga. I can just be myself without needing to care about my image as they really know who I truly am.