Dashi Dining & Delica Saya, Lot 10 Isetan Review

One food that I have never tried before is Japanese food. When my friends invited me to Dashi Dining, I was extremely delighted to try their authentic dish. The choices that Dashi Dining & Delica Saya was mind blowing because they had so much of variety.

Dashi Dining & Delica Saya, Lot 10 Isetan Review

Dashi Dining & Delica Saya, Lot 10 Isetan Review

I didn't expect to be spoilt with lots of choices. I had no space after eating their main dish and the side dishes were all so appealing. I actually took a video of all the choices of food they have but it got deleted due to some technical issues. Some food which was served was rather unique like Tomato Jelly and Boneless Chicken filled with Yam. 

It was our lucky day as the owner of Dashi Dining & Delica Saya was there and he entertained us by asking if we need anything. He was super humble, to be honest. After we were done with our meal, he even asked for our feedback and he even said that he wants to keep improving. Guess all boss should be as open as he is so they can grow and improve to be better.

Dashi Dining & Delica Saya, Lot 10 Isetan Review

Their main dish looked really authentic from the way it was presented to us. The customer service was great as the sitting was near the counter so we can always ask whatever we want on the spot. They are also very keen on us as if the spoon drops, they will replace it without the need for us to ask them anything.

Since it was my first time trying out Japanese food, I had a whole new experience. I ordered Salmon so mine came with rice, salmon, miso soup and vegetables. We were told to eat it after mixing the side serve into the rice along with the soup. 

The interior was classy and elegant. It was also clean as I observed. It was in a Ground floor where the food court is so it was rather noisy with the nearby shops trying to make sales and all. 

Yes, I liked the new way of eating. It is boring to eat the same western, nasi lemak, roti canai, biryani and banana leaf rice. For a change, I will definitely head to Dashi Dining & Delica Saya at Lot 10 Isetan.

Will give them a rate of 7/10.

To find them:

Lower Ground, Lot 10, 50,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

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