Flounce and Ruffle Dress is a MUST IN YOUR CLOSET!

I used to hate the flounce or better known as ruffle design but this one is rather decent and it makes the dress so much more appealing and beautiful.

If you look at this dress specifically, the neck of this dress is a V neck. The V can go lower if you adjust the shoulder part and it makes the dress to look so much better.

I am an Indian so I can't wear a dress with a low V cut where it exposes my chest too much cause then my mum will chase me from the house.

The V cut is just nice for me as it is really not exposing anything and it shows the V neck beautifully. If you notice the wrap around my waist, it shouldn't actually be there.

I wasn't feeling well that day so I chose to be extra comfortable so the wrap around me happened. LOL! I will take a better picture of this dress without the wrap soon. *I promise.

Next will definitely be the design at the end. It is an asymmetrical shaped cut and it is something which I was crazy about back then. I just love how the ruffle is forming right after the wrap. It flows down beautifully from left to right.

Well, this is not the only way to pull off a ruffle dress. Here I have attached a few pictures to show the other designs of a ruffle dress. It can also be a top. However, it works for you.

I know the price is a bomb for almost all of these dresses but hey these are designers piece so of course, it will be.

You can always shop for the designs that you love at H&M or Cotton On so you can try it on and see for yourself if you really like it. Click on the caption to view it on the Nordstrom website.

Ruffle Wrap Dress
Ruffle Wrap Maxi Dress
This is exactly like what I am wearing on top. Just that the dress is much longer. I bought mine in Factorie.

Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

Lulu Floral Wrap Dress
Off The Shoulder Dress
So off shoulder is not something new now. The neck has a ruffle finishing. It covers your chest beautifully and it gives the chicky and elegant feeling.
Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit
Ruffle Jumpsuit
Ruffle Peplum Jumpsuit

If you love jumpsuit then this design is a must to get! It can cover your extra fats at the belly and make you look slim. If you are already slim then this is one elegant piece that you got to own!

Ruffle Sleeve Sheath Dress
If you need an elegant and chicky office wear then this should be it!

Tiered Ruffle Hem Dress

I own something like this dress and it is my personal favourite as it shows off my figure just nice and the ruffle at the end adds more fun to this plain and elegant mini dress.

Ruffle Maxi Dress
Who doesn't like a maxi dress right? This dress will suit well for a candle light dinner or even for a small picnic outing.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have used images from Nordstrom as I find their collections to suit my post and my taste. Hence, I have credited them by linking every single picture to the source.

If there are good-hearted websites out there who want to sponsor then feel free to email me. I am looking forward to a great fashion collab!


  1. I love the jumpsuit... I think it would look good on u... Nice write up 😁😁😁

  2. Nice write up babe. Loved the way you describe and suggest. And I personally love your dress. Haha