SCCA Expands Further Into Creative Arts

Snips College of Creative Arts (SCCA) has officially unveiled its all-new comprehensive creative arts college at its grand launch event held at SCCA Sungei Wang Plaza. This is in line with the government’s initiatives to spur the growth of the arts and cultural development in Malaysia.

SCCA has exclusively partnered with the established fashion school from Italy, Instituto DiModa Burgo (IMB), and the world’s third-best Filming Academy, Beijing Film Academy (BFA). These will be building a direct link for Malaysian talents to expand into the international arena.

Through its collaboration with Instituto DiModa Burgo, the College hopes to elevate Malaysian talents into the elite Milan Fashion World.

As for its tie-up with Beijing Film Academy, SCCA will be able to provide a solid pathway for talents in Malaysia to access the Asian market through the flourishing market of China.

Meanwhile, SCCA’s retail business management course aims to guide students in managing a creative business efficiently. This course content is based on high profile industry inputs from managers and business owners who have substantial experience in the sector.

SCCA has evidently been progressing towards the government’s initiatives by continuously refreshing its creative arts offerings in a bid to develop it as a vital component of the nation’s

With the new additions, SCCA now offers courses in Italian Fashion Design,
Talent Development (Performing Arts), Film Production, Business Management besides
Beauty Technology along with several other short curriculums. The college is also open
toward expansion into post-production and digitalization in the pipeline.

During the event, the excitement in the premise was escalated with the:-

1) “ECO FUTURISTIC” Fashion Show, put together by the young talented students
under the guidance of a fashion lecturer from Milan. The show featured an array of
beautiful models in futuristic attires with upcycled materials.

2) “NOISE & URBAN GLAM” themed hair and makeup show where the students
demonstrated their edgy skills.

3) And a specially constructed drama performance by the Performing Arts students.
The event came to a close with a delightful cocktail buffet spread followed by a business
networking session. The notable attendees of the event included various association
presidents, brand owners, fashion designers as well as government authority bodies.
SCCA Grand Launch is proudly organised by SCCA, with great support from StarMode
Entertainment, Snips International Group, Instituto DiModa Burgo, and Beijing Film Academy.

About Snips College of Creative Arts (SCCA)

Snips College of Creative Arts (SCCA), formerly known as SNIPS College, is an education
arm of SNIPS Hairdressing Group. Since its establishment in 1998, the institute has
expanded into other industries from Hair & Beauty to Fashion Design, New Media &
Communication, Filming, Photography, Acting, Hosting (Art & Design Industry), English
communication, Business Management – making it a global corporate expert in these fields.
SCCA is the heart of the company’s ongoing educational platform which opens up an array
of opportunities for students to embark on commercial and artistic training.

For more info, please visit www.scca.asia

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