Lip & Co Product Review

Guess one of the best gifts a girl can receive is makeup items. I got my surprise gift from Lip & Co and I was over the moon! 

Lip & Co product designs are so elegant and classy that I can say it was love at first sight when I first checked their products out. I craved to own them all!

Their "Just Wing It" eyeliner is such a heart stealer as it doesn't only look elegant but it works wonder too. Being in a carbon black shade it defines my eyes amazingly.

Unlike the other eyeliners I have used, I can classify "Just  Wing It" under the easy to use eyeliner category. The felt tip applicator provides control for effortless drawing.

For those beginners who afraid to create your own gorgeous winged eyeliner can now happily use this eyeliner. The price of this love is now going for RM 29.00.

You can check the product here "Just Wing It" Eyeliner.

This innovative formula is water-resistant and long-lasting. It also washes off easily without the need
to stress the gentle skin on the lids.

Next, is the lip shades. This innovative formulation is lightweight, semi-matte and is buildable from a sheer to an intensely pigmented, velvety finish.

These luxurious formulation glides effortlessly while moisturising and nourishing the lips with the infusion of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.

The first shade is Velvet Pout Semi-matte Lipstick #01- Audacious. I love dark colours and though Audacious is red, among the red Audacious is one of the darkest.

Dark colours truly suit my skin colour and I love how this colour makes my skin to glow under the light.

The second shade is  Velvet Pout Semi-matte Lipstick  #07 - Grace. This shade is lighter and pink in colour. It acts as a natural colour.

I apply only one layer as the darker it gets the odder I look. I prefer it being very naturally so I stick with one layer of the application.

Not to forget, I do use it as blusher sometimes. Just dab the lipstick on the apples of the cheek and blend upwards. Tadaaa you get a lipstick and a cheek colour! The price of this love is now going for RM 49.00.

For more information:

You can check the product here "Just Wing It" Eyeliner

You can check the product here  " Velvet Pout" Semi-matte Lipstick  #07 - GRACE 

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