Brunch at Mandarin Palace Review

I found another golden place while exploring a new place to review. This time it is very different from the rest of the restaurants I have been to.

Before I go into Mandarin Palace history, I wish to review on it first. Mandarin Palace must have been the first Chinese restaurant I have been to for brunch. 

Yes, for brunch! They served literally everything I loved about Chinese food as brunch especially different varieties of Dim Sum.

The interior of Mandarin Palace is literally a Chinese Palace. I was appaled looking at how the restaurant looks. Well, I ate so late as I was busy admiring each and every corner of the place. 

As it was brunch, the selection was rather a lot and very fulfilling. The customer service was good as they made sure my glass of tea was constantly full. 

One special soup they served which we can't find at other places is Lamb Ku Teh. Yes! It was made of lamb and I excitedly tried it! It was delicious and if you love herbal soup then you will definitely love this.

Lamb Chi Kut Teh
Mandarin Palace is the Federal Kuala Lumpur Hotel's first restaurant, serving up delicious dishes and tantalising tastebuds since the opening day.

It has been a signature feature ever since and the first and only Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur to receive the honour of serving VIPs, foreign dignitaries and diplomats who came to witness the momentous Independence Day celebration.

As the nation grew into prosperity, so did the Hotel. Travellers from far and wide came to The Federal Hotel to board and lodge, diners to dine and wine. 

Much of the timeless quality of Mandarin Palace can be attributed to murals and carvings that adorn the walls of the restaurant. These works of art are wondrous depictions of Chinese culture, history and myth, creations of artists who shall forever remain nameless but whose talents and imagination live on. 

Mandarin Palace was the location for filming the blockbuster movie The Seventh Dawn directed by Lewis Gilbert starring William Holden, Capucine, Susannah York, Michale Goodliffe, and Tetsuro Tamba, which was released in 1964.

Today, Mandarin Palace offers the best selection of delectable and delightful dim sum, and a mouth-watering array of Cantonese, Hunanese and Szechuan cuisines, served in the grandeur of an imperial court setting and warm Malaysian Hospitality. 

Located on Level 2 of The Federal Kuala Lumpur, Mandarin Palace is also a popular venue for weddings, fashion photoshoots and a set for the filming of movies and TV programmes, as well as private functions such as cocktail receptions, signing ceremonies, product launches or corporate events. 

Get Weekend Dim Sum Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 am to 2.30pm. It is RM 58 for adult, RM38 for senior citizen and RM28 for child.

For more information check out Mandarin Palace Restaurant

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