Tried Full Face Makeup Using the Lanchen Product!

While venturing what the makeup has to offer I came over Lanchen product and I tried out a full face make up with it.

Lanchen is a product which is being sold on online platforms like Shopee and they cater to Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan.

In 2015 the brand Lanchen became the first public listed Chinese cosmetic company in China. I had a chance to try their product so I tried out eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and moisturizing lipstick.

Lanchen product is very affordable yet they are high in quality. Compared to other branded product, Lanchen is definitely a good buy!
Lanchen Magic Crystal Diamond Eyebrow Pencil
I tried Lanchen Magic Crystal Diamond Eyebrow Pencil. It is the Magic Automatic Eyebrow Pencil where it instantly presents perfect 3S eyebrow.

The first impression of the product is the packaging was really classy. The eyebrow pencil could be retracted and it has both the eyebrow pencil and also the brush.

Lanchen Magic Crystal Diamond Eyebrow Pencil
It comes in two colours which are dark coffee and black. I chose black as I have dark hair. When I tried it first it looked a little greyish but it eventually turned black and created a nice finishing.

Lanchen Magic Crystal Diamond Eyebrow Pencil
The eyebrow pencil is waterproof and it suits all kind of skin. The core of the eyebrow pen is neither too hard, nor too soft. The line it draws is fluent. The price of it is RM16.50.

Lanchen Brilliant Four Colour Eye Shadow
Then I chose the Lanchen Brilliant Four Colour Eye Shadow. It comes in 4 shades which are brown, silver pink, light brown and brown red.

Lanchen Brilliant Four Colour Eye Shadow
The colour is rather bright and saturated where it is very suitable if you want a glossy and neutral look. The eyeshadow can also be used as eye colour, highlighter, and shadow powder.

Lanchen Brilliant Four Colour Eye Shadow
It is suitable for all skin. The eyeshadow is being sold for RM 49.55.

Next is the Lanchen Shinning Liquid Eyeliner. It has a strong dark colour and shiny. It is waterproof hence the liner doesn't get smudge or meltdown after a long day. It is designed in a way where it is easy to be applied.

Lanchen Shinning Liquid Eyeliner
It has a thin brush for simple eyeliner look and we can make it thicker as we want. It draws a smooth line as you can see in the video I have attached below. It goes for RM18.00.

Lanchen Natural Lengthening Mascara
Then, I used the Lanchen Natural Lengthening Mascara. It has black, soft and moist fibre that cooperates with the brush of small teeth, it can evenly encase each tiny eyelash.

Moreover, I really love the leopard design. It makes the mascara to look very sophisticated.

Lanchen Natural Lengthening Mascara
Lanchen Natural Lengthening Mascara

It is waterproof as well. Hence, it doesn't melt during a long day. It was easy to apply but I did use the eyelash curler before I used the mascara. It goes for RM20.00.

Lanchen Moisturizing Lipstick
Last but not least, I finished my full face look with a Lanchen Moisturizing Lipstick. It is a glossy looking lipstick where it moisturisers my lips at the same time.

Lanchen Moisturizing Lipstick
It glides on my lips smoothly, making the entire lipstick wearing process much easier. I chose Sakura Pink to give my face a feminine touch while going for a natural look. It goes for RM28.00.

Lanchen Moisturizing Lipstick
Personally, I liked how each and every product was pigmented and very easy to be used. There was no mess made and the design wasn't only on fleek but rather convenient to be used.

Overall, I am truly satisfied with the product. I like how I maintained a natural look with a glowy face.  I will definitely try out other Lanchen product very soon.

For those who are interested to purchase, you can visit to SHOPEE website to make your order. The links are included as below.

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