Royal Darbar Authentic Fine Dining in Kuala Lumpur with one of the Best Mutton Rogan Josh!

It is definitely a never ending thing for me when it comes to exploring food but this time around I have been frequently going in and out of a lot of Indian Restaurants.

One that caught my eye and made my eyes to be all fixated on it is the Royal Darbar! Just as the name suggests, it was a Royal treat indeed.

They have made an excellent choice on the interior design where I went all awe as I stepped in Royal Darbar. From the magnificent paintings to the art on the wall, everything was to be admired.

If you're looking for a sophisticated place which is rich with culture to dine in then Royal Darbar is definitely one of the tops in the lists.

Royal Darbar Mutton Rogan Josh
About Royal Darbar

Royal Darbar is a halal Indian Fine Dining & Banquet restaurant based in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. The menu comprises of a variety of vegetarian and non-veg dish with a selection of traditional, popular and contemporary Indian cuisine.

Furthermore, their chefs are qualified with the experience of working with Hotel Restaurant chains of India. Royal Darbar is known for serving different types of food which are Chinese, Pakistani, Punjabi and South Indian dishes from all across the country.

Besides this, their Fine Dining Restaurant has the capacity of around 100 pax at ground floor and first floor for group banquet, private parties, birthday or engagement's dinner which is also with the sitting capacity of 110 pax at a time with the choice of Menu.

Dishes served 

When it comes to the dishes they have a buffet going on at the side while still having ala carte so we can always have lots of options.

Royal Darbar Biryani Rice

Royal Darbar Malai Tikka
Royal Darbar Bhindi Masala
Royal Darbar Fish Molee
Royal Darbar Paneer Tikka
Royal Darbar Chicken Rara
Royal Darbar Kadhai Paneer
This time again I went with the Foodilifecious family so I had the chance to explore more food than I usually will.

Royal Darbar's dishes was more on the North Indian style. Hence, most dishes were new to me though I am an Indian.

This is the entire buffet varieties on my plate. I enjoyed their varieties of vegetables and also the cottage cheese which is known as Paneer.

The ala carte dishes were very interesting because Royal Darbar does play with their spices. I tried fenugreek bread just because it had fenugreek in it. It tasted really good and to know that I am consuming all the healthy herbs without making any faces or making any complaints is definitely a winner.

Royal Darbar Methi Paratha
Royal Darbar Chicken Seekh Kabab
The mutton is definitely one of the dishes which won all of our heart. It was spicy. No kidding but I loved it so much! The mutton was tender and the curry was extremely delicious that we wiped out the pot in the end.
Royal Darbar Mutton Rogan Josh
The Kulfi was delicious but very hard. I had to scrape it out of the beautiful pot based cup but it was all worth it. I tried the nutmeg flavour.

Royal Darbar Kulfi
I had a chance to get a tour of their kitchen. Here are the spices they use and also this is how they make their Roti's. It was very interesting as I could feel the heat and the hecticness in the kitchen though I was there for just 5 minutes.

The customer service in Royal Darbar was good as they explained how some of the dishes will be served and which dishes are a must try. The place was really clean and well organised.

Royal Darbar does cater for all functions where they have catering service and you also can book their place to have a birthday party or any kind of event.

To know more: 

Wisma Motor, 339, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

010-430 5797

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