Checkered Designs Are Back?

While I was going through my closet I was thinking of throwing all of the checkered design dress as it looked rather outdated. Now it is back in town!

Just as I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline, I couldn't help but to spot not one but too many black and white old school checkered dress.

Taken by Mohandass Madhavan (Media Continent)

Glad that I didn't throw my dresses as planned. Yet, it got me thinking. The last time I was excited about checkered design was when the town was going crazy about it. I was 14.

After a decade and more, the vintage is back and is that means I am getting old? Like I am the vintage now?

Was my mother aware that the old fashion coming back and did it hurt her like how it is hurting me?

Taken by Mohandass Madhavan (Media Continent)

Why I find it hard to accept that my childhood is now back as a checkered design?

I definitely feel so much older than how I felt before, I saw that design being preached by the fashion gurus.

Anyway, checkered designs are back and here is a photo shoot of me ruling it.

Taken by Mohandass Madhavan (Media Continent)

Photo credits: Mohandass Madhavan from Media Continent

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