This is one of the best Sunscreen I have used ~ Petal Velvet Sunaway

To get sunscreen for the face is definitely one of the toughest hunts I have done in my life. It is either the sunscreen will leave my face all oily after an hour or it will have white residue.

I am brown. I don't need any white residue in my face to show that my face is different in colour compared to my neck and hands.

When I tried Petal Velvet Sunaway, I was praying and now it is the only sunscreen I use daily. Yes, daily. When it comes to skincare, sunscreen is a must to be worn every single even if you're not going out.

Ultra lightweight, this invisible sunscreen is formulated with a moisturizing formula that plumps the skin and Damask rose extracts, ensuring that your complexion stays fresh and hydrated throughout the day without any streakiness or a white cast.

It has an SPF of 50+ and PA++++, so your skin'll be kept protected all day. As part of the Petal Velvet line, it also contains micro-powder particles that give you a smooth, petal-like complexion.

It will feel like you're not even wearing any sunscreen on your face as the solution penetrates in your skin and it doesn't leave any sign of it being there.

Also, my skin absorbs the Petal Velvet Sunaway easily. I usually avoid sunscreen which takes ages to be absorbed. It takes ages for the sunscreen to blend in your skin and if you didn't blend well, you will be left with white residues.

Petal Velvet Sunaway is nothing like the other sunscreen I have used. My skin absorbs the solution fast and it doesn't leave an oily feeling right after it.

Seriously you won't even know that you have applied the sunscreen as it won't be oily. It has hydrating formula so it controls excessive sebum on the skin with a micro powder system while
hyaluronic acid ensures the skin is kept hydrated throughout the day.

Petal Velvet Sunaway contains Damask rose extracts to moisturize and smoothen the skin. Damask rose has a natural nanomolecular composition that is rich in vitamins to penetrate deep into the skin, soothing sensitivities and strengthening it for a radiant glow.

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