5 Make Up Tips for Contact Lens Users + Barbie EyeLands Review

Do you know that it is not only the lens which will make you feel uncomfortable when you're wearing it? Even the wrong make up will make you feel uncomfortable and it can cause itchiness to eyes.

So I suppose most of you have already known that you are advised to wear the lens first before you apply make-up on your face. This is to avoid makeup residue to enter your eyes.

Also, you have to remove the contact lens before you remove your eye make-up.

So here are the 5 make-up tips for contact lens users.

1. Use products which give you none or very little allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic products will save you from unnecessary itchiness around the eye area.

2. Make-up products with oil and fragrance can cause eye irritation. It is the best to choose oil-free and fragrance-free eye make-up.

3. Use waterproof mascara so your eye make-up will not smudge and cause discomfort around the eye area.

4. Use pressed powder than loose powder as the loose powder can get into your eyes and cause you discomfort.

5. Prevent false eyelashes if possible. The lash glue can cause irritation to your eyes.

I have been using Barbie Eyelands  contact lens from Korea lately and it is really making me look like a Barbie. They have got different sizes from 16.5 mm to 14 mm.

It is easy to be worn and it feels very comfortable as well. Wondering if they are legit? They have showcased the Bureau Veritas Health & Safety Inspection Certificate on their website.

They also have a variety of options when it comes to lens colour choices. Not to forget Barbie Eyelands have 3 colour lens as well.

I will reveal on what I purchased on my Instagram soon! Stay tuned for more pictures!

One of the most exciting parts about Barbie Eyelands is it is free delivery service! Their customer service is also really good. I got my product after 3 days of ordering.

They will immediately message you on facebook messenger from Barbie Eyelands' Facebook account as soon as you have ordered. They also will keep track of the orders for you and it made my life super easy as I didn't have to keep track of my orders at all.

I got a pair of contact lens for RM25.00! Isn't it a good buy? Right now, a lot of discounts are going on!  What are you waiting for? Visit their website now!

To get more details about them check

Phone: 011-33333010 WeChat / Whatsapp

Mon - Fri (except public holiday) 9.00AM - 6.00PM 
(UTC +08:00) Malaysia Time


  1. The price is really affordable! I do agree to put on makeup before your lens .

  2. Will buy a pair for myself. It looks comfy and the price is so affordable.

  3. Have not try their contact lens. I wondering whether they have daily lens?

  4. not pricey and definitely worth for a try. Will dry ?

    1. Not really. But as usually its better not to wear lens for more than 12 hours.

  5. I think we've met before few times...? I'd definitely like to see you in these contact lens soon!

    1. Really? We shall share contacts when we meet soon!

  6. I appreciate your tips! It's really comprehensive. Would love to see a pic of you with the lens 😊

    1. Thank youuu. It will be u on my Insta soon. :D Will update this blog then

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