Dato' Jalaludin Hassan Meet & Greet Session and A Healthier Lifestyle with 8-day Better Health Plan!

Dato' Jalaludin Hassan made an appearance as the Gintell ambassador at AEON Shah Alam to experience the massage chair De' Space U.F.O together with his fans and customers of GINTELL during the Meet and Greet session with all the shoppers.

Was fortunate enough to get an invite and it was a very fun event. You can see what happened through out in pictures as I captured every memory possible.

Dato' Jalaludin was extremely humble and funny. I liked how he gently greeted everyone around him including those who are handling the sound system.

From the event, I learned that GINTELL is now introducing GINTELL De' Space UFO massage chair, the home health manager that promises holistic good health with all its unique and innovative features.

An 8-day Health Plan, consisting of this unique massage chair is devised to help us and our loved ones to regain good health and lead a more enjoyable life.

Day 1 Program: Activation 

GINTELL De' Space UFO massage chair is a remedial measure that improves your health by stimulating 26 acupressure points on the foot or spinal corresponding to all major organs in the body, thereby harmonising all organ functions.

Day 2 Program: Body Detoxification

GINTELL De' Space UFO massage chair, with its innovative Quad 3 Roller Balls, work deep and intensively to eliminate toxins from the body, restoring good health and relieving the burden on body detoxifying organs.

Day 3 Program: Improving Digestive Health 

Quad 3 Roller Balls + Aero V-track provides extensive coverage in the lower lumbar area and it works wonder for the bowels. It shows immediate effects on most digestive problems.

Day 4 Program: Enhancing the Immune System

Quad 3 Roller Balls, the world's first in a massage chair, have evolved as the next generation roller balls to provide the widest coverage as well as 90% more humanised acupressure massage.

Day 5 Program: Improving the Respiratory System

Tai Ji Breath improves respiratory function to improve breathing capacity. In addition, the massage chair effuses negative ions, much like some air-conditioners, to purify the ambient air, augmenting the beneficial effect of Tai Ji Breath.

Day 6 Program: Releasing Mental Stress

Stimulating massage at acupuncture points were to relieve shoulder pain, neck stiffness, headache and migraine. You are bound to feel rejuvenated and a lot lighter than before.

Day 7 Program: Hormone Balancing (women)

The acupuncture point is stimulated to restore hormonal balance, giving you more radiance, energy and confidence- the super woman that you ought to be!

Day 8 Program: Spinal Care Massage 

The 180 Space Strech Program designed to correct poor body posture. It consists of a longitudinal stretch to extend the entire body by Titan Airbags and a downward stretch for complete leg extension by the Auto Footrest. 

For more information, visit www.gintell.com, follow them at GINTELL Facebook page, WeChat GINTELL Malaysia and Instagram #GINTELLMALAYSIA or call GINTELL customer care line at 1800-88-6332.

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