How Do You Use a Contact Lens and Bausch & Lomb Review!

Most of you are reading this for two reasons:

- One is because you have never used a contact lens before and you're thinking of getting one.

-Two is because of you failed big time when it comes to using a contact lens so you want to learn again.

Do you know why I came up with these two reasons? It is because it is so easy to wear a contact lens that it is rather unnecessary to read articles on "How Do You Use a Contact Lens?"

So How Do You Use a Contact Lens?

1. First of all, purchase one then we can talk about wearing one.

Well, you first need to know your eye power so you can get the right lens. Then you need to know which type of lens colour will suit your look.

Assuming that you have black eyes. If you're going to go for an event where you don't want to be outstanding then you can go for subtle colours like black, dark brown and brown.

If you're going to go to an event where you prefer being the centre piece then you can choose lenses like purple, blue, and grey.

2. Which type is your type?

So what type of lens do you prefer? The daily disposable ones or the ones which can be used for 1 month or the ones which can be used for 3 months?

It has to suit your schedule. If you have a lot of free time then you would be able to spare some time to clean your lens.

 If you have a hectic schedule where you leave the house at 5 am and return home at 11 pm then it is better if you own the daily disposable ones.

3. Get the complete set.

The process doesn't only stop at getting the lens. You also have to get the multi-purpose solution to clean your lens.

Usually, the multi-purpose solution will also come with a lens container and it is very important as you will need to keep your lens in the container.

4. Wash your hands 

Keep your hands really clean. Make sure your hands do not have any soap residues or any kind of chemicals which can make your eyes red.

You have to make sure your nails are also short and clean so it will be easier for you to wear the lens. Even if your nails are not short you can still adapt to wearing lens but please do make sure that it is clean.

4. Now be prepared to cry

Yes, it is time to apply the lens. It is very easy to apply your lens.
  • Make sure your lens is not inside upward.
  • It has to look like a bowl with straight edges.
  • Keep your lens at the tip of your index finger.
  • Hold your upper eyelid to avoid blinking.
  • Look upward as you slowly place it on your eye.
  • Close your eyes and roll your eyes so the lens will settle. 
Now I have to warn you. You will cry as in you will tear a bit. Even if you wear any type of lens you will tear out one drop or two.

It is because your eyes are cleaning all the dust particles which could have entered your eyes. So it is okay to tear. 

If it goes to a point where your eyes are all red and you can feel the burning sensation then something is wrong! Get the lens our of your eyes as soon as possible.

5. To remove lens

  • Make sure that you have washed your hands and it is clean.
  • Look upward
  • Gently pinch the lens together and remove it out.
  • Clean it as soon as possible if it's usage is for 1 month or more. 

6. It doesn't just stop there.

You have to know how long you can wear a particular lens. If it is 3 months then you have to constantly clean the lens and change the solution. 

If it is daily disposable you can remove the lens as soon as you are done with the day and discard it.

Personal past experience:

The last time  I used contact lens was when I was 16 years old. I couldn't recall which brand I tried. I was rather foolish back then. I had no idea on how to use a lens.

The first time I wore it, everything was okay. The problem started when I wore it for the second time. My eyes started to become red and it started itching. I felt so uncomfortable.

I took off my lens right away and I didn't wear one until now. 

Current experience:

Right now, I am using Melanite Black and Amethyst Violet, Lacelle Jewel from Bausch & Lomb. I use black lenses to attend professional events and I use violet to enhance my appearance. 

I feel like I am grabbing people's attention when I wear violet and I like it cause it happens very subtle and my lenses are not screaming out loud for attention. 

The lens is also a thin layer so most of the time I tend to forget the fact that I am wearing a lens. Also, since I had a bad experience back then so I was worried that my past will repeat..

Nothing happened as expected when I applied it. I had tears once I wore it and it was just one drop each eye and that is all. 

I am also using Renu Fresh Solution for the coloured lens as I am using a coloured lens. Renu Fresh Solution is specifically for cosmetic lens users.

Overall, I am very happy with the product that I am using now. 

For more information check out:


Visit www.lacelle.com.my to know which lens colour suits you by doing personality test using Colour Quiz and also get to know how you look like in different lens by using Colour Matcher

So what is your experience in using a contact lens? Share at the comment section below.


  1. This is a good topic. Maintaining the lens and changing the solution regularly is as important as wearing them right. Well said! Cheers!!

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