One Reason Why You're Always Tired!

So I googled on why I am constantly feeling tired and the result was anaemia, thyroid disease, diabetes, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, and sleep apnea.

For god sake, I googled on "Why I am feeling tired?" not on "Why I might be dying?".

After a good research, I found one solid reason to why I feel constantly tired and I believe it is relatable to most people at this current time so I have decided to share with uols (all of you).

1. Sedentary Lifestyle 

Sedentary doesn't only sound like a cemetery but it works the same way too. It is a lifestyle where you have very little physical exercise and pretty much somewhat inactive.

  •  Desk job

Even if you die people will never know as it's just you being attached to your laptop for the entire 9 am to 5 pm. The only time you get to move or need to move is during your lunch time.

Sometimes your world-class procrastination skills can make you work during lunch hour to meet the due date, so you won't even get a proper lunch time. Imagine sitting the entire time with just your hands and brains working for the entire office hour? Well...

  • Habitual Sitting

Do you know some humans who will try their level best to get the dropped pen with their legs cause their just soooo lazy to wake up and get the god damn pen with their hand?

Yes, I am talking about those hoomans. They just have this habit where they got to sit wherever they go and whatever they do. Even if they need to go to the washroom they will not go just cause they feel lazy. (No, I am not talking about me)

  •  Lack of Movement

Advancement is spoiling humans from this current generation really bad to a point where even though the grocery store is like 5 minutes away but they need to drive there.

Though it is just one floor up they somehow got to travel using the lift and staircase are looked upon as if they have been cursed. (Again I am not talking about myself)

  •  Lack of Motivation

Malaysia has a lot of mountains and parks to jog at but there are some humans out there who will only jog at Central Park, New York City and will only climb the Mount Everest.

The reasons they can come up with to "why they got no time to exercise and move around actively" will make you to suicide. I would rather avoid the damages I might make by stating all those reasons out. :p


  1. One of the things I like about your writings chuoja is that your humor in it makes me some what smile ;) . Keep writing girls <3

  2. Most of the above are applicable to me.. Lol.. No wonder..

  3. This blog reminds me of my husband. He has just been sooooo in active and sleeping all the time... Sighhh

  4. wah... this is scary... but a good reminder for all as well. take care please. - racheal