Are you a coffee addict? Let me make you feel bad then. YOU HAVE JUST MISSED THE FIRST-EVER MALAYSIA COFFEE FEST 2017!!

Feel bad yet? LOL! Coffee Fest is definitely a good treat for those who are café owners or coffee lovers. There was a lot of coffee making machines on offer. Many coffee suppliers gave free coffee for tasting.

 I was smiling all the way, I felt like a princess walking all around drinking free coffees. There were varieties of coffee powders from various brands on promo as well.

Coffee Fest so it must have only coffees right? Well, nope. In this coffee fest, there were teas too.
Various teas from various brands were also out there for a free tasting.

Mon Chaang from Thailand looked very appealing but they didn’t give it for free. They were selling it.

There were also live bands at Music Café Doremi by aspiring local singers and bands with a slew of hits songs.

Coffee Fest organiser had their schedule all packed with activities where every hour, there will be something happening in that event. For example, there were competitions like Malaysia Barista Open Championship and Malaysia Latte ART Open Championship.

There were also workshops at Coffee Clinic on “Introduction to Brewing Skills” by DC Academy Sdn Bhd and “A Basic Guide for the Home Coffee Drinker” by Q Cup Coffee Roasters.

Last but not least, FOOD! Yes, they had Food Truck Fiesta from The Guac Taco, La Famiglia, Food Sharing Platform, Babooor, Laksa Chef, and Meet Mee Go.  So those who came with an empty stomach like me can actually have a feast with them. 

I was definitely a happy kid, exploring the well-executed Coffee Fest. Can’t wait for the next one!

Malaysia Coffee Fest 2017 
Hall 5, Ground Floor,
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
05- 07 May 2017

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