Public Response for Pulanaivu

I used to share only my very own opinion of a movie. Now for the first time, I have compiled a few of the topmost public response for Pulanaivu.

1. "Couldn't find any flaws. Being a mother who loves her daughter, her responsibility as police, the care she has for the family, and the war she has to go through to find the killer who is harming her family were shown beautifully. Everybody acted very well. Well planned story. Completely unexpected. This movie should be showcased in Tamilnadu. These days, most stories are predictable and Pulanaivu is an outstanding movie!"

2."A lot of unexpected things happened. While predicting the next scene, a completely unexpected scene happened and there was a different thrill awaiting there. As it goes on, another thrill followed by. It was really carrying me along the way. The team didn't give me the time to stop at any moment. It kept going. Kudos to the team."

3."After so long I am watching a great Malaysian movie on cinema.Very thrilling and everybody acted well. Unexpected twist from each character."

4."Everything about the movie "Pulanaivu" is AWESOME. We are very proud today to see a lot of improvements in our local movie industry. Everyone in the movie played their role well. The highlight of the movie is the music which really impressed us. On top of it, the storyline was very interesting. Would highly recommend this movie to all our family members and friends to watch. Definitely, you are going to enjoy it!"

5." Pulanaivu another great milestone for Malaysia Tamil Movie Industry. Romantic crime thriller done well with a gripping story and good performances by the all the lead characters, Bhairavi, Aishwarya, Aathi, Viknesh, Preeti, Shiva, Siddhar, Ravin & the rest of the team. Each one of them has played their role significantly!

Director and screenwriter have succeeded in presenting a complete film!"

6."We kept waiting for what's going to happen next. the movie was not predictable. The movie standard has increased for sure."

 7. "The movie was done up to Hollywood level. Couldn't wake from the seat from the start and till the end of the movie. The movie was full of suspense without any gap. Very nice ending."

8. Datin Shaila acted well. She is like a lady superstar for us. I couldn't guess the ending even till the end part. It was full of suspense. I thought she imitated Nyayanthara but I was wrong. She acted totally very differently. We used to say sometimes in Malaysian movie they overact but not in this movie. I even had a little tear in the last part. It was really very nice. The colouring of the movie was good and the background score was a different level. They showed even Malaysians can give an amazing movie."

And the list continues with

- Full with suspense

- Thrilled

- Superb story

- The outstanding performance of the cast and crews

- Must watch on a big screen

- Datin did an amazing job

- Background music was good

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