Pulanaivu Wrapped Up Rapid KL

 Pulanaivu a movie which will be releasing on 14th of November is taking one step ahead in marketing by advertising the movie poster on Rapid KL.

Wrapping up a bus to advertise, might seem normal but for a record, when it comes to Tamil movies, only Enthiran 2.0 has done such an advertisement.

After that, it is Pulanaivu movie team who is taking such an effort to make sure their movie is being recognised by many.

So far the team has never stayed quiet. They have been going all out and making sure Pulanaivu's news reaches every single corner.

It is not only a Rapid KL bus that the Pulanaivu team chose to wrap, they even wrapped the popcorn box during the release of Bigil. It gave very remarkable support from many fans.

For the first time, the Pulanaivu team has arranged their movie premier where the fans enter an Instagram contest. Those winners get to watch the movie exclusively with the team and other artists.

Pulanaivu team also ensured that the publicity materials like the posters are displayed at every single cinema that the movie is going to be released. This is to make sure that the public is aware of the movie release date.

These ways of advertising also add quality to Malaysian Tamil Movie and hopefully, it will increase the interest of many Malaysians to watch the movie.

The amount of effort the Pulanaivu team has taken to advertise all out shows how much they believe in their product.

To believe alone is not enough, hence they are flaunting their product on every possible medium so each and every Malaysian would be able to watch their product.

The release of the trailer garnered more than 200 k views in 2 days time. 

To get a glimpse of the movie, watch the trailer here:

The trailer begins with Shalini, the female lead crying anxiously. From a slow looking story, it will accelerate with a scene where she will be confessing about something with blood splattered all over her face.

A female character, Preeti will be found dead on the floor. The investigation begins. Who would have killed her? What is the mystery behind it?

Pulanaivu by Shaibha Vision and Story Films. Do look forward to Datin Sri Shaila V, Shalini, Kabil Ganesan, Shashi Tharan, Saran, Krithigah Nair, Shabby, Irfan, Pashini and many more on a huge screen, 14th November 2019!

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