Pulanaivu ~ I Have Never Cringed For Almost 70% of the Movie in My Entire Life Before!

I have never cringed and felt so restless for almost 70% of the movie in my entire life before. I couldn't understand a thing that was going on the screen as the movie jumped from day 1 to day 5 to day 3 to day 5 to day 1 to day 5 again. Get me?

Now don't get me wrong. The entire movie was rather exhilarating. It is not knowing what is happening that pumped up my blood that I could have gotten a heart attack.

Also, the names! I am bad with names. Who is Viknesh? Who is Aathi? Who is Aishwariya? Who is Ajay? Oh, wait Ajay is from Geethaiyin Raadhai. My bad. Only in the mid of the movie I was able to memorise all of their names in order to understand the story.

But yeah, basically you blink for a second and you will miss the entire movie. Every single scene, every single gesture, every single character in this movie means something. No bathroom breaks people! I am serious.

Pulanaivu means investigation and that is what Pulanaivu is all about. The investigation starts as Preeti, a university student found dead in her hostel while her roommate Aishwariya will be missing.

Everybody suspects Aishwariya. Bhairavi who is the head of the police investigation will be threatened by an unknown character. Will Bhairavi be able to trace the right murderer or will the murderer slip away?

Who killed Preeti? Who is threatening to kill Bhairavi and her family? What happened to Aishwariya? And a lot more suspense is definitely awaiting for all of you.

Bhairavi a character played by Datin Sri Shaila V stole the entire show. She may have acted in a lot of feature films but she stepped up her game in this film.

Her role was rather prominent in this movie. Each reaction and gesture of hers was vital to increase the momentum of the movie. As everything was yet to resolve and be sorted, she will have a complete stranger threatening to kill her daughter.

The way she handled the pressure that she gets from her husband and relatives to give up on her career while she was working on Preeti's case was amusing. The bond she has with her daughter also shows how motherly she can be and when it comes to protecting her own blood, she can even change into a fierce tiger.

No kidding. She has a solo action scene and boy was that really Datin Sri Shaila V that we all know off?

That particular scene has to be applauded as that is what most mothers have been facing. To balance their career and their family life. I don't wish to reveal more. There is more to what I have said and you have to watch it on your own.

Now, coming to other characters like Aishwariya played by Shalini Balasundaram, Aathi played by Kabil Ganesan, Preeti played by Krithigah Nair, Viknesh played by Shabby, Sharath played by Saran, Vaishnavy played by Pashini and many more are prominent characters as well.

Each and every one of them played their role well to a point you will be confused yourself to who would have killed Preeti. Again I can't reveal much to avoid spoilers.

The colour of the movie suits the theme well. The quality was amazing. It was rather obvious in the movie that a lot of research was done before commencing the movie.

As the probs were on point. Each and every police character were carved according to how it truly will be in the investigation world.

They had CCTV team, Forensic team, IT team and investigation team just like how we used to watch in CSI.

One of the cons of the movie that is rather obvious for me is the location chosen as a hostel. They claimed that Preeti died in a hostel but it rather looked like a luxury condominium than the usual hostel we truly see in movies.

Another con will be the scene from day 1 to day 3 to day 5 to day 1 again. It was moving too fast. I literally cringed for 70 % of the movie as I couldn't understand what is happening.

Especially when Aiswariya was confessing one moment and was in the hospital the next moment. Only at the ending I actually understood the entire movie. By the time I understood the entire story, the movie ended.

Last but not least, music by Jey Raggaveindra made the movie as a whole. It raised up the momentum that was already built by each and every character.

As I have blogged before in  PULANAIVU STEPPED UP THE MUSIC GAME WITH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA the entire effort was definitely paid off. Especially the song En Sogame sang by Shakthisree Gopalan and Kadhal Enghe sang by Kumeresh Kamalakannan are definitely on repeat for now.

Only after watching the movie, we could understand why it was necessary to use symphony orchestra as the BGM.

Overall, Pulanaivu was a good treat indeed. I would rate it an 8/10. To those of you who haven't watch, do catch it on your nearest cinemas.


  1. I got opportunity to watch first show at seremban and my mind reflects on your review sir.this movie not one time watchable. and i wish this movie can be screening at Tamil Nadu theatres.