From Being Ostracized to Being Miss Universe Malaysia's Finalist! ~ Kaayathri

After going through one of the toughest time in her life, Kaayathri still chose to rise up despite everything that has happened! She believed and now she is one of the Miss Universe Malaysia's Finalist.

After high school, I wanted to be a dentist but I ended up in pharmaceutics. Nevertheless, I was keen on studying for Pharmacy and now I am working as a Pharmacist.

During university days I had a tough time to juggle between studies and modelling but with a proper planning and time management, I was able to get Dean List Honors.

I didn't choose to model. It just happened on its own. I began my journey in the modelling world when I was 20 at Global Indian Festival Model Search and I completed as 4th runner-up.

My childhood friend Dashenee supported me along the way as she knew that I had a potential to shine in the industry though I wasn't so serious about it.

She slowly motivated me to do better in what I do. I can say that she is one of the reasons for who I am today because she was always there for me when I wanted to talk to someone.

The most challenging time that I have personally faced was a year back where I suffered from severe acne vulgaris. I still can't believe how I managed to come across the dark side.

It was very hurting to answer people's question and to hear their criticism. I wasn't confident enough to even walk out of my house and the most unbearable was when my loved ones humiliated me.

There was a point where people left me alone when I needed support and motivation. No situation can go worse than that.

Yet, I stood for myself and fought against the community. Beauty is not only about having a beautiful face.

Today, I am standing tall and proud as TOP 18 Miss Universe Malaysia.

I strongly believe that no matter what issue we encounter, it is we who have to stand for ourselves first.

It is my high self esteem and empowerment that motivated me to prove to the world that I am able to succeed despite everything.

I hope my story will inspire those who are still in doubt with themselves. Always dream big and give 100% no matter what you do.

Love yourself more than anything. Be kinder to yourself and always give priority to yourself first than anyone else.

Also, to those who judged me too soon, thank you for showing me that I deserve better.


  1. OMG...shame on those who left her behind and humiliated her...but job well done in becoming the best that you can be Kaayathri... <3 She deserves all the recognition...