3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mattress 10 Years Once!

Experts found that mattress should be changed every 8 to 10 years once! If you are not getting enough sleep apparently it could be the fault of the mattress other than your daily life activities.

Isn't scary to know that you might not be getting enough sleep just because of the duration of the mattress you're using?

I went on and checked what makes us to not get a comfortable sleep when we use the same mattress for more than 10 years.

1. When you feel the pain!

Yes, most of the time we wish to wake up feeling very energetic so we can run the day. Don't we? When you wake up feeling the pain right in your neck, shoulders, back and lower back then it means it is time to get rid of the bed.

This is because the mattress has lost its ability to support your body properly. Also if you're waking up with a pain then the firmness of the bed is no longer supporting your body.

2. You Often Fall Sick

We have so many reasons to fall sick but when your bed is full of dust or it has attracted the household allergen then you have one extra reason to constantly fall sick.

Imagine waking up to having flu or a sore throat and you have no idea of where you got it from. Your bed is one source that you can consider checking on.

3. Better Comfort Else Where

This is one pathetic reason. As usual, we are rather spoilt with our own bed and we choose to sleep on our bed compared to elsewhere.

If you happen to get a better sleep after you spend the night elsewhere compared to the nights spent on your own bed then it means you seriously have to change your bed!

So most of you would have gotten a rough idea. Spend your night in your lovely bed and see if it needs to be changed. A good sleep is necessary for a good health.

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