JD.com and Mogu Street is Now on Ezbuy!!

I can't deny that I am usually very pleased to shop from China. First is because of the size! If they say a dress comes in small size then it suits me perfectly.

If it is from the US then S size will never fit me. In fact, it looks as if it is an L for me. That's a very sad story of mine nevertheless.

By now most of you the shopaholics would have known that EZBUY is catering us from selected TAOBAO sellers. Now for more joy, they added two giant e-commerce sites as their long list of e-commerce partners!

Well, yes as some of you must have guessed I did check both JD.com and Mogu Street and ordered few things for myself. *Shopaholic for life

I will list down what are the things I got and would like to get from both these websites. I also have two great news for all of you so read until the end. P.S it is not about the RM500.00 that you can win!!

Click on the image to be directed to the specific website if you like my choice. 

Click on the image to be directed to the specific website if you like my choice.

What I found by checking out both these sites are they have a lot category! You can just visit one site and purchase stuff for everybody in your home. Say you would like to get clothes, watch and bags for your husband, wife, or even kids, it is all there!

Personally, since I don't have a husband and kids so I just checked myself few dresses and I find the choices were too good. I was super spoilt with lots of varieties too. I find the dress to be elegant and the price is rather affordable.

Not forgetting, they even have the category for sports, mobile accessories, kitchen, bedroom, beauty, travel, and for outdoor. Which means all you have to do is sit and click and you can purchase items for your household.

Also, the price is rather affordable and I keep seeing most of the stuff are on discount. There are a lot of item under RM 30.00 as well. 

If this is not a good buy then I don't know what it will be. I am so glad that I can now just sit in front of my laptop and purchase anything I want rather than walking to one mall to another. 

One thing I like about EZBUY is the way the website is being put. It is a very well organised website and also user-friendly. I didn't struggle to make my first purchase. 

Feel free to check both the sites on Ezbuy and let me know what you feel in the comment section below. Also, not to forget I promised to share a great news to those who are going to register at Ezbuy!

1. Every registration is entitled to a RM15 cash off voucher along with a 15% shipping fee discount (automatically upon registration) 

2. Every registration for this campaign stands a chance to win RM500 cash voucher. (winner will automatically be credit RM500 in the account)

Yes! You can now jump out of excitement! All the best to those who registered using my link (https://marketing.ezbuy.my/ezbuyMobileRegister/index_v2_MY.html?identId=ncsiUo ).

 I hope the force be with you!  

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