I Learned Everything from Scratch ~ Vathaniy Kunasegarran

From knowing nothing to now a director who is going to direct a feature film soon. It wasn't easy for her to climb up but yet she did. All the stones that were thrown at her are now being used to build her castle. Anbe Aruyirey fame Vathaniy Kunasegarran!

I have encountered a number of a career in my life before I decide that I want to direct. Nursing, HR, Sales Assistant in Volkswagen,  then I entered the entertainment industry.

I became an actress and held a villain character in Porathem, owned a dance group, I became an RJ in Soup FM, and hosted at Deepikana.

I was doing well as an actress but I felt some people are trying to exploit me so I didn't feel like continuing what I was doing.

A dark incident took place in my life and I left the entertainment industry without thinking twice. I made a comeback as assistant director (AD) for Kampung Kuttua as they saw my effort.

They saw my capability to hold few task at one time. They believed that I have got talents and that's when my journey to be a director started.

I learned a lot of stuff while being the assistant director (AD) and I started to work on my own project which is Anbe Aruyirey.

The biggest achievement for that music video is when it was played in India and I did an interview for Raj TV. By far it is reaching 4 million views.

As I worked on Anbe Aruyirey I personally learned a lot about myself, about what I want and about my capability.

I wanted to give opportunities to new faces and to those who didn't get a platform to showcase their talent. Of course, I will study them first if they can pull off a role.

I can never deny the fact that I didn't study direction by book. I got a lot of experience by being AD  and I also learned from watching films. I always observe how they work with the camera.

Of course, there are a lot of courses being offered out there on direction but at the end of the day, I believe that nothing is better than experiencing it yourself.

It was a little tough to work with the ones who are well experienced. I can even say that I was scared to direct them because as a director I personally like close shots.

I also wanted to show them differently on the screen. I learned that as a director it is my job to get what I truly want on the screen regardless who they are by asking them appropriately.

 I started getting recognition from the industry only after Anbe Aruyirey. I think they had no idea about my existence when I was an actress.

As someone who is yet to venture wholly, I am expecting for reviews, critics and comments. I have had comments like the villain's hair is standing and his shoe is torn.

I prefer a much more quality review. I am ready to make the necessary change to produce a better work. I want people to comment more on the technical part if my cast can't act or my direction is not right.

When they comment on the mere stuff I will like they are not taking my work seriously. It could be because I am a female director and my work is seen very lightly.

As a female director, I also found out that there are some people out there who are waiting for my downfall. Another reason to why I want to learn and grow as I don't want to give up or break down.

I believe there is no need for us to kill other people's business in order to live. Teach, guide, direct someone who is lost instead. You will learn a lot more from it rather than trying to destroy someone.

I have been insulted and belittled by someone who does not know what truly happened. It was truly sad when they chose to insult me instead of guiding.

It was rather funny as I was there to learn and not to be insulted. As I was yearning to learn I realised I had to take my own initiative to learn as I didn't get the proper guidance which I believe I should be getting.

Since I am starting from scratch so an AD I always observe how the director and DOP work. I question them a lot and slowly I started to gain knowledge on the technical stuff and the professional term.

What I have observed so far are some are belittling me just because I don't have much experience. Some got irritated and bashed me up when I asked for help but when an experienced guy friend of mine asked on behalf of me, they treated him good.

Why they have to ill-treat me? Why such hatred on me? I am still clueless. It is very discouraging and demotivating. How long can we walk on a path full of the thorn?

Most of us need someone to lift us up. I am glad that I do have some people who are always there for me and I can say that's why I am still strong till now despite everything.

In the year of 2018, I am looking forward to work with new people. I want something fresh and I want to bring all great talents on the surface.

To those who have been condemning me, I will one day prove myself.

Currently, I am planning to work on a feature film and I am planning to release it the end of this year.

I just wish some people will be willing to see me as one of the industry people instead of seeing me as one of their competitors. Cause I truly haven't achieved anything yet.

I did just 3 music videos and  1 short film. I have yet to show my true capability to the world. The day is not here yet.

~ Vathaniy Kunasegaran ~


  1. Keep going Vathany 👍👍👍we are expecting more and more from you👍👍👍

  2. More blessings coming your way vathaniy god bless -hasini-

  3. God bless you my dear, You will achieve more success...

  4. God bless you my dear, You will achieve more success...

  5. More to go and hopefully soon we work together dear. God bless you dear.

    With love - S.J. Yuvaraaj 🤘

  6. All the best dear .from Harith Mishall