The RIFT Opens Its Door to Become Southeast Asia's First And Largest AR / VR Adventure Park

Imagine flying at China Wall while seeing a huge moon right in front of your eyes. The view seriously took my breath away and I only came to a realisation and screamed out loud when I was about to crash. *I was in a roller coaster

The feel when all the zombies started to attack me and I have to shoot them off to save my friends and me who could die anytime. I was so in the mode to save people's lives when I played Zero Latency.

Not to forget, the time where I shot all the monsters while I felt the breeze on my face like as if I am truly flying! *While playing Motion Blaster. Also, the time I fell from a tall building and my car crashed.

All this would have killed me if I was to do it in real life. In VR nothing is impossible. I even ride a scary looking deadly roller coaster which I wouldn't have done even if they pay me a million dollar.

Those were just games but I felt so alive when I left the place. I did stuff that I couldn't have done even in my dreams. It is no longer once in a lifetime experience.

You can experience it whenever you want!

The Rift; the first and largest Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) adventure park in
Southeast Asia is now been launched in Mid Valley Megamall, covering about 40,000 square feet.

 With the tagline “Enter The Rift, Exit Reality”, the adventure park boasts a total of 25 virtual worlds along with augmented reality and physical activity attractions.

The Motion Blaster attraction gives visitors a chance to leap into a virtual world to fight off gruesome predators and the Holodek presents a 3D game which demands one’s best physical efforts.

Meanwhile, The Rift also hosts augmented worlds in Hado PVP, where teams of players will be required to face off against each other, and Hado Monster Battle, where players will have to defeat the ferocious monsters.

For adrenaline junkies, The Rift offers The Leap where visitors can have the exhilarating experience of indoor bungee jumping and the Hurricane VR which takes them on a gripping 360° flying journey through a virtual universe like no other.

There is also the HoloWall which combines rock climbing and augmented reality to present a truly unique experience with distinct routes and games.

As for the RaceRoom attraction, visitors will be able to challenge themselves to beat the clock
or against other counterparts in a state-of-art car racing simulator complete with ultra-realistic
sounds and effects.

The Rift also proves to be a centre for the entire family to enjoy with its The Rift Junior which
is specifically catered for kids.

With its Playland as well as the Party Bunker, The Rift Junior provides budding explorers with a safe haven to expand their imagination to their hearts’

The Rift is opened from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily with an opening promotional pricing of RM98
for The Rift package, which includes 10 attractions and Zero Latency.

Visitors may also choose the Exit Reality package at RM55 which is inclusive of 10 attractions, while the Zero Latency experience is priced at RM52 as a stand-alone attraction.

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