My article does not only talk about someone's life journey..

It took me 3 months to work on my first "Real Life Story" article. I decided that it is ADK's article which is going to be the first official article under "Real Life Story" but I didn't decide on how to articulate it well.

I stared at my interview notes and audios for days. I started typing but ended up leaving my table anyway. I didn't want my article to be in a typical format where there are questions and answers.

I want my readers to immerse in my write up. I want them to travel with the flow. I don't want my readers to get answers from my article. I want them to feel the journey of the person who is being interviewed.

I finally decided to drop the idea of writing the article and apologize to ADK. I wanted to say I can't think of an outstanding flow for the Crappy B's article. I don't know how to make the article to be distinct from the typical article.

As I typed the apology message that's when it stroke my mind. After 3 months of trying to figure out the flow, finally, I got it. Here it goes the first article of Crappy B's Real Life Story

Thanks to ADK for being very understanding and for guiding me throughout the interview. Also, thanks to Rakesh for making the whole interview to happen for me. 

Then the second article happened in "Real Life Story" by Kevinn Khoo but it had the question and answer format because it was an online interview.

It was again another great interview but I couldn't retrieve then to why I can't bring the old touch that I gave to the first interview. I was completely lost but I continued.

Only after publishing my third article on Real Life Story by Saiful Reza, I found out what was lacking in my way of writing.

I couldn't get the old touch which I had on my first write up because the second and third interview was an online interview and my first interview was a one to one interview.

While working on the fourth and fifth article, I chose to meet them instead of conducting an online interview.

Even when I was working on Varmman Elangkovan's article, I was rather fickle minded. It was a war between conducting an online interview which will make my life so much easier or the conventional interview which means taking notes and transcribing the audios for days.

I believed in the flow I created while working on ADK's article, so I decided to not work on an online article and stuck to the conventional interview. Even it means, sleepless nights.

When I worked on Subashini Asokan's article, I was freaking out. Any statement could go viral in a negative way. I should not put her at stake for any reason.

I was being extra careful and I will never forget how nervous I felt once I published the article.

A lot of people could relate to her as they read the article. It is by far one of the boldest article written by me, I believe.

It was rather an intense moment when I was working on Stylomannavan's article. I spent my nights trying to make the article to be short and content but I couldn't.

I just knew the comments I am going to get after I publish it. The article was too long. Slowly I started to understand and arrange my content accordingly.

I also learned that sometimes it is okay to remove an unimportant beautiful sentence from the article. If the main message reached the public is what matters in the end.

Mugen Rao's article took about 3 weeks to be done. He poured his heart out and I had no idea on where to start.

Believe it or not, I wrote only 30% of everything he shared with me and he knows it himself. Yet, the article inspired many and the feedback was too overwhelming with lots of love.

The journey went on and only when I worked on Leon Nelson's article, I understood the depth of my article. The content I am looking for comes through a great conversation and not from a formal interview.

When I worked on Prakash K's article, I understood the seriousness of my article. My article does not only talk about someone's life journey.

It is more than that. Something unspeakable which can only be understood by reading the article. I enjoyed how distinct each and every article of mine turned out in the end.

When I interviewed Vijay Prakash, he got a little surprised with the question that I asked him. He told me, "Nobody has ever asked me these type of questions." He smiled and I smiled.

Yes, there is a reason to why I am Crappy Blogger. He understood what are my focuses. It wasn't on his growth or on whatever he is working on. It was on his downfall and how he arose from it.

To interview Sid Sriram was a dream come true. To hear his answers to my questions was another dream come true.

I slowly started to understand why my article is vital. The feedback. It inspired a lot of people. They were amazed to know their favourite personality's journey.

Many youngsters understood that nobody gets anything easily. There are a lot of effort and a lot of pain is involved in every success. It wasn't easy for any of them.

The impact I am trying to make on the youngsters could be very little but it means a lot to me. That's when I decided that journey has to continue even if a crocodile decides to eat me as a whole.


  1. Hi. I've never really read a blog. The last I read was raged indian. The write up was mostly in 'macha style' about social issues which was very interesting. Just came across yours and noticed you have been writing alot. Nice articles . Keep up your good work.