Facts That You Have No Idea on Nasi Kandar Koenigii!

Koenigii is a modern curry house born from Nasi Lemak Ong in Alor Setar. Sounds common right?  Well, we have to learn about Nasi Lemak Ong in Alor Setar in order to be surprised with Koenigii.

Though there are many reasons to why Nasi Lemak Ong in Alor Setar is out of the ordinary, it serves authentic curries without coconut milk is one major highlight and most talked about.

Yes! Since 1997 Nasi Lemak Ong has been in Alor Setar and now the sons of Nasi Lemak Ong, the Ong Brothers are running Koenigii.

What makes Koenigii stand out from the rest of the Nasi Kandar is again they do not use coconut milk. What do they use instead of coconut milk is a top secret till now.

The curries in Koenigii follows the Alor Setar style curry and not the Penang style curry. To those of you Penang food specialist who wants to see the differences between Penang curry style and Alor Setar curry style, you should try it for yourself.

In Koenigii there are 30 different types of curries in varying heat degrees and flavours. As it is a Nasi Kandar so the curries have Malay, Indian and Chinese influence. A true Malaysian type of curry.

Another factor which makes Koenigii special is they have 5 different types of curry spiciness level. From mild, standard, medium, hot to champion. Say it and you will get it.

Since it is a Nasi Kandar the varieties are irresistible. There are over 30 types of dishes to choose from.

Must try at Koenigii
  • Signature Ikan Bilis (Sweet & Spicy Anchovies)
  • Curry Mutton
  • Red Curry Chicken
  • Curry Cuttlefish
  • Ulam
  • Fried Catfish
  • Curry Squid
  • Petai & Bamboo Shoot

It is true that Koenigii has a wide range of menu but we can classify it into 4 main parts.

Koenigii's Menu

  • Nasi Kandar (Normal rice and dishes
  • Roti series ( Roti canai, roti telur, etc)
  • Wok fried food (Mee goreng, nasi goreng, etc)
  • Drinks 

By now most of you would have had the most asked about question in your mind, " Was the curry creamy?". Yes, the curry was creamy and I couldn't sense the fact that it lacks coconut milk at all.

I was rather satisfied with the taste of the curry. The choices of the dishes were also satisfying where I tried almost everything.

Personally, I liked the idea of choosing the spiciness of my curry. There are days where I want it to be spicy and there are days where I want it to be mild. Yes, I just happen to be a true Malaysian.

I find the Nasi Kandar Koenigii's environment is Instagramable. Watch my video to see how Koenigii looks like.

The first Koenigii restaurant is located at Sunway Nadayu28 with the next restaurant opening soon at Pavilion Elite (January or February 2018)

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